Cloudbeds Booking Engine - Google Analytics Troubleshooting for Group of Properties

You can track your booking engine visits, conversion rate and collect other data by entering a Google Analytics Tracking ID into myfrontdesk.

Check the following article to learn how install Google Analyctics on your booking engine: Google Analytics for mybookings

And check this article for How to Add Google Analytics to a Group Booking Engine

If you are having issues, please check a few troubleshooting below.


If I have more than 1 account in association - is it possible to track those accounts visitors separately?

Solution 1

Each property needs to have a separate Google Analytics account with a unique UA code and save that UA code in every individual account.

Solution 2

If you want to use one Google Analytics account and track more than one property:

  • Create separate property views for each individual property in the same Google Analytics account
  • Get the UA code from each property views that are created
  • Save them in every individual property myfrontdesk account.

Click here for further details about it.

Is it possible to track the visitor coming via Group Booking Engine and the visitor coming directly on the individual property Booking Engine separately?

In this case, you would either need to have:

  • Separate Google Analytics accounts for all of the properties and 1 account for Group Booking Engine / Association or
  • 1 Google Analytics account with different property views and their unique UA codes

Save the UA tracking codes in Group Booking Engine and Individual property

Add the codes separated by comma (,)

DEMO - Karina's Hostel - Analytics - Google Chrome

The most important part is to add Exclusions on the Google Analytics account.

If the visitor comes on Group Booking Engine (GBE) and goes to one of the individual property after selecting dates and click on Go button under a property, the Google Analytics account of Group Booking Engine should show such visitor in GBE Google Analytics account and block them in Individual Property Google Analytics account.

It happens to avoid duplication of visitors in Individual property Google Analytics account.

Similarly, if the visitor comes directly on the property Booking Engine (not via Group Booking Engine), the Group Booking Engine Google Analytics account should exclude such visitors in their report.

Group Booking Engine Google Analytics Account Exclusion for Individual property
  1. Click on Settings button of you Google Analytics (GA) account
  2. Click on Filters
  3. Configure the Filters as you can see below

The hostname "hotel" is for the individual property booking engine.

If you have a separate website for individual property, as a suggestion, you may need to add another filter for that website.

sface66sQ3OzmgJn9Z3RRft62AXgIH4aeMj9MR2p5niwWro1zRzkLg4BuRwG3qc0w0vtXMDRALQ-lxsmtqv-YuLh1rcvJSzabkgcKhMkaTDhPnrOxnrRmkRb_mikBw92zQiabXQk (907×541) - Google Chrome
Individual Booking Engine Google Analytics Account Exclusion for Group Booking Engine
  1. Click on Settings button of you Google Analytics account
  2. Click on Filters
  3. Configure the Filters as shown on the screenshot below

The hostname associationdemo is for the property association name for Group Booking Engine.

If you have a separate website for Group Booking Engine properties, as a suggestion, you may need to add another Filter for that website.

vAiVrU0XOLr4X9i1FloEpjxoSvmmmXk3E-FVV5PWFdKIrA3DK_vkijcfmOXTTX6AUdGZv4BT8Og5SIERqmKJx6WpLYgpnIW-P4jQUM9gIBCG-nG4aBTYTnjZ7yUzE3WlxOs6btwB (917×498) - Google Chrome
VOmsyRSmuxkNnKJAwB9nWik_O5jFl_ePDRO_eHhkt8ro-vb9vAAmuj0ixr7bluWsT0MH_RDrgetg-EiQCcINJIlB-iNZ9JLcLZ6IOKwwiSQ-75QS4L7_mQ2tmNzphRD9FJvQ2XJh (787×201) - Google Chrome
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