Calendar not Loading - Troubleshooting


There can be several reasons why calendar or any other part of Cloudbeds system is not loading or loading slowly, most of the common cases are described below with the solutions provided.

If any of these solutions do not work for you, contact our support team providing some tech details:

  1. PC tech details: Go to > Make a screenshot > Attach to email.
  2. Internet speed test: Go to > Make a screenshot > Attach to email.
  3. If possible, attach the screen recording of the issue or detailed explanation of which part of the system is not loading or how long it takes to load the page.

Internet speed is too low

Check how other websites are loading on your device: If slowly, the problem might be in your Internet speed. In this case we recommend you to contact your Internet provider to check if there are issues with Internet speed.

If you're not sure about your Internet speed: You can check it here and send to us to check if it's enough for smooth loading of Cloudbeds.

Your Internet Service Provider is blocking port pool 10000-20000

If the system is loading from one location (using the same Internet provider) but is not loading on different devices, we recommend to call to your Internet Service Provider and checking if they are blocking port pool 10000-20000.

Something is wrong with your computer/networking device

Check if Cloudbeds system loads:

  • On another device on the same location (laptop, tablet, another PC): if loading, the issue reason might be in device or what its apps/browser.
  • On the same device on different location (using another network/wifi spot): if loading, the issue reason might be in internet provider/router/modem.

Using the outdated version of browser

Check if you're using the updated version of your browser.

We recommend to use the latest version of Chrome but it's not mandatory, Cloudbeds works with all the common browsers.

Try opening Cloudbeds with Chrome if the application is running smoothly with Chrome but not on browser you're usually using. Then, contact our support team, we will escalate the issue to our engineers.

Firewall blocking the calendar

Some firewalls will block the Calendar from loading.

If Calendar isn't loading: Disable your firewall completely and reload the Calendar page.

If this makes Calendar load, you will have to whitelist (unblock / allow) Cloudbeds Calendar IP addresses in your firewall. This way you can still have your firewall on and access the Calendar.

Search your firewall manuals on how to whitelist or unblock specific IP addresses.

IP addresses to whitelist:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Browser extensions/anti-virus app blocking the system

Check if pausing or temporary disabling the anti-virus app or active browser extensions help loading the page. Contact our support team in case you find out that the application you're using blocks Cloudbeds.

We do not recommend to disable the applications which are used to protect your device but in case they are the reason Cloudbeds is not loading for you, our tech team would need to know which application conflicts with our system so we can investigate the problem and fix it if possible.

Update the DNS of the network

If you are experiencing Calendar loading issues, the problem could be related to the DNS of your Internet connection.

Check the following article for further details: How to Update the DNS of the network.

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