Lock/Unlock assignments on the calendar

Cloudbeds allows the prevention of users to move guests from one room type to another on the Calendar.

This feature can be typically used when someone is making reservations for a group of guests who will be staying at the property during the same period (or nearly the same) and want to stay together. The lock option ensures that the assignments will not be accidentally modified.

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Important Notes

  • You can only lock or unlock calendar assignments if the reservation was already assigned to a room/bed. Check this article to learn How to assign a room to an unassigned reservation if you do not have the auto room assignment enabled.
  • The Lock/Unlock Assignments can only be done from within the Calendar page for the current and future reservations (it does not apply to past reservations).
  • This feature only prevents users to change reservation assignments from the Calendar, but not from the Reservation Details/Quick Edit pages.
Lock Calendar Assignments
  1. Search for the desired reservation and click on it
  2. Click on the lock icon
  1. A small lock icon will be added on the reservation
  2. The users will not be allowed to drag and drop the reservation or move the guest from a room type to another
  3. The un-assign room option will be grayed out
  4. The pop-up information will be changed to Assignment is locked
Marcos Borges Test Property - Calendar - Google Chrome
  • Even though the reservation has the assignment locked, the users can still change assignments in the Reservation Details and Quick Edit options.
  • Perform the same actions as described above to unlock the assignment.
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