How to Handle Log-In Issues

This article will walk you through the steps you should perform when facing a log-in issue that is not related to 2 Factor Authentication (also known as 2FA/verification with a phone or Authy app). For issues related to 2FA, please visit this article.

We strongly recommend using our system with Google Chrome or Firefox browsers

1.  Type in your password manually

If you recently changed your password but it wasn't saved in your browser properly, auto-fill will pull the old password and you will not be able to log in. To resolve this, please erase the password and manually type it in again. Then, make sure to update your browser.

2. Make sure your browser is up to date

It is a good practice to always make sure your browser is up to date because an outdated browser can be the cause of your software issues.

3. Make sure your system meets our requirements

Please visit this article to check our system requirements

4. Log in through the incognito/private mode on your browser

If you can log-in using the incognito mode but not in the normal mode, the issue is most likely caused by incorrectly saved passwords or cache /cookies. Please see below the instructions on how to open incognito mode.

5. Clear your cache and cookies

When you visit our website for the first time, it stores information from the site in temporary files on a local directory called 'cache'. The next time you visit our website, it loads directly from the cached copy instead of requesting to the server. An issue may arise when there's an update to our website (i.e. a release) but it wasn't fetched properly (your computer is still pulling the 'cached' data).

Clearing the cache will signify the browser to fetch the latest version of our website.

6. Turn off browser extensions

Some browser extensions can/may interfere with myfrontdesk. To check this, please turn off your browser extensions one by one (then try to log-in again). Please find the instructions below.

If you are able to log-in after turning a particular extension off, please keep it off until you're done using myfrontdesk, then turn it on again after.

7. Reset your password

You may try resetting your password. Please follow this comprehensive guide on how to do so.

8. Reset your browser

This should serve as your last resort since restoring your browser to its default settings might erase some of your configuration settings.

If the above solutions do not fix your log-in issue:

Please open a ticket with our support team at with the following details:

  1. Your list of activated browser extensions.
  2. Your computer hardware/software specifications.
  3. Your user email address
  4. A screenshot of the error/issue you're getting
  5. Steps you performed before getting the error
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