Onboarding - Everything you need to know


Welcome to Cloudbeds! Your Cloudbeds Onboarding begins with meeting your designated Onboarding Coach who will partner with you throughout the process to ensure your successful system setup.

During this setup, the basic information about your property will be gathered to help you build your account according to your daily operations.  

This article includes the steps to follow in your Onboarding process.

Before getting started, check out the Onboarding Terms & Conditions and What To Do Before Starting

Step 1 - Kick-Off Call with your Onboarding Coach

Your Onboarding Coach will be your advocate within Cloudbeds throughout the entire process. During the kick-off call, your coach will:

  1. Outline the Setup Process
  2. Review the required Customer Information
  3. Establish a Follow-up Call

Step 2 - Account Setup

Let’s get your Cloudbeds system setup. These will be the basics to focus on:

  1. Accommodation Types
  2. Base Rates
  3. Taxes and Fees

The outcome is a fully live system that can receive new reservations and manage customers at the front desk. During the setup, your Onboarding Coach will utilize the provided property information, complete the configuration and connect your channels.

To complete the setup without assistance, refer to the Self-setup guide

Step 3 - Go Live

After going live, your Cloudbeds system is ready to receive reservations. Our 24/7 Support Team can assist with any questions and/or troubleshooting.

Step 4 - Adoption

Master how to use your newly setup system. In the weeks following Go Live, your Onboarding Coach will continue to work with you via targeted engagements that focus on advanced features and best practices.

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