Expedia troubleshooting

This article will show you the common reasons for errors you may encounter during or after connecting Expedia to Cloudbeds PMS and how to solve them.

Errors during the connection process

Failed to authenticate property: The login details you provided are incorrect. Please update your channel details.
Reason 1: The Cloudbeds Channel Manager is no longer connected to your Expedia extranet.


If Cloudbeds Channel Manager is no longer connected as your channel manager in Expedia's Extranet, this error will be displayed.  


Reauthorize Cloudbeds Channel Manager as your channel manager in Expedia's Extranet. Check out this article for further information.

Once finished, Cloudbeds Channel Manager will authorize the connection and email you when it's ready to be connected again.

Reason 2: The channel manager Cloudbeds Channel Manager is connected to Expedia, but your Expedia API password has expired.


In certain cases, Expedia will expire your special API password for connecting to Cloudbeds Channel Manager. When it happens, the error above will also occur. The API password is typically expired due to inactivity. If you connect Cloudbeds Channel Manager to Expedia, but don't finish the connection, your API password will expire and must be reset.


Contact Expedia and ask for the API password to be reset. Follow the steps below:

  1. Email rollout@expedia.com
  2. Copy support@Cloudbeds Channel Manager.com
  3. Ask Expedia the following:

Hello Expedia,

This is [name] with [Property].  My Expedia Property ID is [expediapropertyid].  The API password provided to Cloudbeds Channel Manager is no longer working.  Can you please reset the API password and reply all with the new API password.

Thank you,

[Property Name]

Once Expedia replies with the new API password, we will update our system and the connection will work again.

Why isn't Venere (Expedia Easy Manage) supported in Cloudbeds Channel Manager?

Expedia informed us in 2012 that they would migrate everyone to their full Expedia interface.  For that reason, we do not support the Venere (Expedia Easy Manage) contracts or interface.  

Please contact your Expedia account manager with any further questions.

Errors after the connection process

Why aren't prices updated in Expedia if the availability is 0?

For Expedia, they ignore the rate that we send if the availability is 0. 

This is because the room is not available for booking, so Expedia simply ignores the rate. If the room ever becomes available again (Availability >=1), the updated rate will be reflected on Expedia.

Currency setting doesn't match the channel's currency setting

The currency set on our system must match the currency that you have configured on Expedia's extranet. Please confirm that both currencies are matching following this guide.

Failed: 2003: At least one rate is not within the rate verification threshold, set by Expedia.


Many channels implement rules (thresholds) for values that are set in their extranet. This is so that they can ensure the information presented to potential guests is accurate.

In most cases, the limitation is on the low side of the price, meaning it believes you have set a rate that is too low.

Some examples of threshold data are:

  • Minimum Length of Stay settings
    • Example: MinLos of 30 nights will typically be rejected.
  • Rates
    • Example: Extremely low or high rates may be rejected.

These limits are set directly in your channel extranet (they are set by your channel account manager).  These are not limitations coming from Cloudbeds Channel Manager.


When this occurs, there are two solutions:

  1. Raise the rates, or contact your Expedia account manager to remove the pricing limitation. 
  2. Contact your account manager asking to adjust these thresholds to a higher or lower limit.  
  • Cloudbeds team cannot adjust your inventory on Expedia, which may cause overbookings, incorrect pricing and availability, until the issue is fixed.
  • This threshold can be removed only by your Expedia account manager.
Does not currently auto-adjust because of this error: At least two rooms have the same rate plan assigned with conflicting rates. Please redo the channel setup.


This error may occur when a rate plan was changed for a room, and the room was mapped to another channel room without choosing the correct rate plan.  


For each rate plan shown select the one below the [Room not updated] selection.

Failed: 1003 Channel is not responding. Please try again later. (#FAULT.OTA.OFFLINE)


When performing updating Expedia, you receive the following error:

Reason 1: Pricing Model is set incorrectly.


Expedia operates with two different Pricing Models:  Per Day Pricing, and Occupancy Based Pricing.

Currently, only Per Day Pricing is accepted - check Expedia FAQ.


The Per day pricing model must be the one configured in the channel. After adjusting this setting with the channel's account manager, the updated will be sent normally.

Reason 2: Expedia outage.

If Reason 1 does not solve the error, it means that Expedia is experiencing an outage on their side. In this case, reach out to Expedia's support team for further assistance.

Failed: We encountered an unknown channel error. Please contact support or try again later.
Expedia errors - Google Docs - Google Chrome


Although you can see Occupancy Based Pricing Model under the drop-down menu on the Expedia mapping page, we currently do not support different prices for different numbers of guests.
Expedia can only be enabled if you choose Per Day Pricing model in the channel.


The problem can be fixed by selecting the Per-Day Pricing model on Expedia.

Failed: You were trying to allocate more availability than is configured on the channel
Expedia errors - Google Docs - Google Chrome


Currently, only Per Day Pricing is accepted for the connection to Expedia.


Expedia can only be enabled if you choose the Per Day Pricing model in the channel.

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