Accommodation Types Overview


Setting up the accommodation types is one of the most important settings for your property, it must be done correctly. This affects both your myfrontdesk and your booking engine accounts as well as the inventory and availability of your distribution channels.

On myfrontdesk, accommodations can be set up as private or shared dorm rooms (with beds), depending on the actual structure of your property.

  • For every accommodation type created on myfrontdesk, you also need to create it inside the OTA's (Online Travel Agency) extranet and later they can be connected through the channel room mapping.
  • We strongly recommend creating distinct room types (ex: "Standard Dorm" or "Women's Dorm") and not separate individual rooms (ex "Standard Dorm Room 1").
  • Creating separate individual rooms instead of room types will make your inventory incompatible with the majority of OTAs. For more information read our Distribution Channel Mapping Guidelines

Accessing the Accommodation Types Page

  1. Click on Manage (gear icon)
  2. Go to the Accommodation Types section
  3. Search by accommodation type name
  4. If you have both private rooms and dorm rooms, filter by the room type

You can drag and drop accommodation types to re-order them on your Calendar & Booking Engine

How to create a new accommodation type
  1. Click New Accommodation Type
  1. Name the accommodation type

Guests will see the accommodation names you input. We recommend using regular titles such as "Standard Double Room" or "Deluxe Double Room". The maximum limit is 45 characters.

  1. Give the room abbreviation which will be displayed on the calendar (not mandatory)
  2. Select whether the room is a private or dorm (if it's a dorm, you may select whether the room is gender-specific)
  3. Enter the number of units
  4. Enter the maximum occupancy of the room
  5. Select how many adults will be included in the Base Rate (this is useful in case you want to set an extra charge for additional guests on the booking engine)
  6. Choose how many children are included in the base rate (for the booking engine only)
  7. Add a description of the room

Additional information

  1. Add the amenities for your room types which will be displayed on the booking engine. You may also enter custom amenities.
  1. Add the images of your accommodation (will be displayed on the booking engine only)
  2. Click Save
How to Customize Individual Rooms

If you have several individual rooms within one room type, you may either let the system generate individual accommodation names or customize them manually.

In case you want to customize each individual room within one room type:

  1. Click the Edit button next to the accommodation name.
  2. Input custom accommodation name
  3. Enter a description if desired
  4. Upload images (will be displayed on the booking engine only)

Individual rooms can be re-ordered and the order will reflect on the booking engine and calendar.

5.  For dorm rooms, you also have the option to organize the beds into rooms.

Allow Guests to book specific accommodations on the booking engine as configured above

  1. Go to Mybookings Settings
  2. Tick the option Allow Guests to book specific accommodations on mybookings and select the room type

Refer to this article to learn more: How to sell individual rooms on mybookings

How to Edit an Existing Accommodation Type

To edit an existing room type, please click on the accommodation name and you will be re-directed to that accommodation's details. You can then proceed to make changes.

To delete an accommodation type, follow the instructions here How to delete an Accommodation Type in myfrontdesk

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