Rooms Sold/Occupancy Report


Occupancy is one of the first metrics you look at to gauge production.

Occupancy Report will allow you to see if you are ahead or behind previous years in true Pace.  

1. Navigate to Rooms Sold/Occupancy Report

1. Login to your Myfrontdesk account and go to Reports tab

2. Go to Production Reports

3. Click Rooms Sold / Occupancy

2. Applying Filters

Once you're on Report page you can apply different Filters to generate the report

  1. Select the year to check
  2. Choose the comparison year
  3. Set the period to check
  4. Filter which room types you would like to be displayed on report
  5. Filter the reservation sources
  6. Click 'Apply'  
3. Analyzing Graphs

   Blue is this year (selected as first year on filters tab) and red is the comparison year (selected as the second on the filters tab). In our example, blue is 2015 and red is 2014. All the dates before today are in the past and therefore uneditable. However going forward there is a interesting Pink Shade that lets me see pace.

1.  In this example today is 9/03/2015 which is clearly marked by the verticle line. The today line is very important to understand Pace. 

2.  The bottom of the Shaded Area is what we call the pace line.

3. This line shows you what your rooms sold number was as of 9/03 of last year.

4.  The top or Red line shows you were you ended up.  The area in the middle is the reservation growth (or pace) you experienced between 9/03 until that specific date.  

5.  As long as this years line is on or above the Pace line I should do better than last year.

6.  However if this year is below the Pace line, it may suggest that I am fallling behind and should do something regarding this.  

By clicking the dots on the graphics you may see occupancy percentage and number of rooms booked

(blue - for primary selected year and red for comparison year)

You can also toggle between Day, Week, or Month in order to see the exact detail you are looking for.  

4. Analyzing the Report

With the filters applied you will receive the report generated with the following information

1. According to the interval setting you wil see the certain date range (1 day, week, month)

2. Rooms occupied for the primary selected year (both in occupancy percentage and number of rooms)

The system pulls all the data from the following reservation statuses for the selected period you choose to calculate your Rooms Sold /Occupancy Report.

  • Status "Confirmation Pending"
  • Status "Confirmed"
  • Status "In-house"
  • Status "Checked-out"

The following statuses are not part of the calculation:

  • Cancelled
  • No-show

3. Revenue for primary selected year

4. Rooms occupied for comparison year

5. Revenue for comparison year

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