Airbnb API - Errors during mapping process and issues after connection

This article describes the possible errors which you may receive during the Airbnb API connection to Cloudbeds PMS and their solutions.

If you need further assistance in resolving the error, reach out to our support

1. The room is unlisted on Airbnb (because it was Unlisted before starting the connection)

Issue: If the listing was Unlisted before the connection with Cloudbeds PMS - it will remain Unlisted after the connection.  

You will not be able to change the status of the room directly in Airbnb because the room is now synced with Cloudbeds PMS.

Solution: Stop the sync between Airbnb listing and Cloudbeds PMS to change the status by following the next steps:

  1. In Airbnb, open your Listings page
  2. Go to Cloudbeds (Myallocator) sync
  3. Open the three dots (...) next to the listing to be edited
  4. Click on Stop Sync
  1. Go back to Listings, click on the listing to be edited
  2. Open the Listing Details
  3. Change the Listing status to Listed
  1. Sync the rooms to Cloudbeds PMS again (follow the Connection Guide)
2. Base Price is not correct and not editable on Airbnb

Issue: The Base Price of your listing is not correct and it is also greyed out on Airbnb, blocking you from editing it.

Solution: Edit the Base Price in Cloudbeds PMS by following the next steps:

  1. Go to Airbnb API mapping page in Cloudbeds PMS
  2. Click on Enabled to review mapping
  1. Click on View/Edit next to Room Settings
  1. Click on Configure to verify settings for the Airbnb accommodation type desired
  1. Click on View/Edit the Price Settings
  1. Edit the Base Price and Save
  1. Send a Full Refresh to force an update to the channel
3. "Your daily price is too low/high"

Issue: During full refresh the system responds with an error "Myallocator request sent to Airbnb via API hasn't passed validation process. Details: [Your daily price is too low/high. The minimum/maximum is ...]".

It means that the rate you're trying to send to Airbnb from Cloudbeds PMS is out of the minimum/maximum daily rate limitation on Airbnb.


  • Your rates on Cloudbeds PMS must be within your Airbnb rate limitations - Review your Cloudbeds PMS base rates
    1. If there are rates lower than $10 USD on Cloudbeds PMS, we highly recommend to increase the rate using  Base Rate Adjustment on the mapping page - This is a minimum rate limitation from Airbnb, rates below $10 USD are not accepted.
    2. You can also reach out to Airbnb Support team to assist you with changing the minimum/maximum daily rate in the channel.
  • Double- check your Currency settings
    1. Make sure that the currency configured for the channel Airbnb on Cloudbeds PMS is correspondent to the currency setup on Airbnb extranet.
    2. To check the currency on Airbnb, go to your Airbnb account > Host  >  Manage Listing > Select your listing  which will open a new page > Pricing > Base Price > Currency
  1. Inside Cloudbeds PMS, match the currency for the channel Airbnb (API) on the Currency page. Check the following article to learn more: How to set up currency for channels
4. Software Error

Issue: "We are very sorry but a software error has occurred. Please email us at to notify us of any steps you might have taken which reached this screen"

Solution: In most cases this issue may occur because of technical problems in the system. Reach out to our support to investigate the issue.

5. "This listing's property type does not support multiple inventories"

Issue: "Failed: Myallocator request sent to AirBnb via API hasn't passed validation process. Details: [Invalid value: available_count. This listing's property type does not support multiple inventories]"

Reason: The error occurs if the property type on Airbnb is set to House.

Solution: Change the property type to any other similar type:

6. The booking is auto-declined on channel

Issue: The reservations can be automatically declined on Airbnb if the maximum number of guests for a listing doesn't match between Cloudbeds PMS and Airbnb.

For example:

  • The max number of guests is configured to 5 for the Airbnb room listing.
  • On Cloudbeds PMS, the max number of guests (max occupancy) of the same room is configured to 3.
  • A guest made a reservation for 4 people.
  • Airbnb will allow this reservation to be created since the number of guests is below the maximum configured in their system,  but the booking will be marked as declined in few seconds.

Reason: When a booking is created on Airbnb, the channel sends us a request to check availability to attempt making the reservation. Our system will send back unsuccessful result to the channel meaning the booking cannot be made since the number of guests is more than the max occupancy set for the room and the reservation gets declined.

Solution: You must match the maximum number of guests on Airbnb and Cloudbeds PMS for all mapped listings.

7. API Communication Error or FAULT.OTA.ACCESS.AIRAPI

Error code:

  • API Communication Error (also from backlog Customer Support can see the code of the error - "403")


  1. If your user is not the Airbnb Listing Owner (Listing Admin) - your user might be the co-owner - this error can be displayed.

    Even if there are multiple hosts and you are marked as the Primary Host, the connection between Airbnb and Cloudbeds PMS can only be authorized using the Listing Owner's credentials.

Solution: Reach out to our support to reset the connection so the Listing Owner can proceed with the authorization instead.

  1. Your Airbnb user profile may be flagged, meaning that, it needs review.

Solution: You must login to your Airbnb account and follow the process to review the listing standards.

8. Myallocator is not authorized to manage user's listings through API

Issue: When trying to connect Airbnb API, you encounter the error "Myallocator is not authorized to manage user's listings through API".

There can be several reasons you are getting this error. Check them below:

Reason 1: Your Airbnb account is already connected to another channel manager.

Solution: Disconnect the previous channel manager from your Airbnb extranet and connect to Cloudbeds (myallocator) instead.

Reason 2: Your Airbnb account has not been verified

Solution: The user still needs to complete the Host Account Verification in Airbnb. In order to confirm your email address,

  1. In Airbnb home page, type the Airbnb owner's email and click on resend email
  2. Open the email sent by Airbnb team and tap the verification link
  3. Once this step is completed, proceed to the connection steps: How to Connect Airbnb API to Cloudbeds PMS

Reason 3: Your Airbnb account is still connected to Airbnb ical

Solution: Follow these steps to disable your old Airbnb ical connection before proceeding.

9. The Listing was rejected by Airbnb

Issue: Airbnb has basic requirements for listings permissions.

Solution: Reach out to Airbnb to check what is the reason for this listing being rejected and how to fix it.

You can also check the error on Airbnb extranet in the Cloudbeds (Myallocator) sync page:

10. "Pass through taxes are not available for this listing"

Issue: "Myallocator request sent to Airbnb via API hasn't passed validation process. Details [Pass through taxes are not available..]"

Reason: The taxes configured in the mapping process are not allowed by Airbnb. Solution: Reach out to Airbnb to request their assistance on this issue.

For more details on how taxes work on Airbnb, visit: How do taxes work for hosts?

11. "The token used to authenticate your property when making API requests to AirBnb has become obsolete"

Issue: When accessing the Channel Distribution page you encounter the following error:

Reason: Cloudbeds App has been disconnected from Airbnb extranet or your AirBnb account password has been reset.

Solution: The connection between Cloudbeds PMS and Airbnb API needs to be reset. Check the following solutions for each scenario:

Make sure to log out from any Airbnb account on your browser as the system may connect to that account automatically.

1) Cloudbeds/Myallocator App is disconnected from Airbnb extranet

Go to Airbnb API channel mapping on Cloudbeds PMS,

  1. Click Reauthorize
  2. On the pop up window, tick I agree to the Airbnb Additional Terms of Service
  3. Click Allow

2) Airbnb account password is reset

Go to Airbnb API channel mapping on Cloudbeds PMS,

  1. Click Reauthorize
  2. On the pop up window, click on the Airbnb logo and then log out
  3. Click on the Airbnb logo once again and then log in
  4. Enter your Airbnb login details with the new password

If the issue persists, reach out to our support.

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