Security page

In the Security page, property owners can grant access, and manage passwords for viewing credit card details to other property users. This article offers an overview of this page and explains how to perform the mentioned security-related actions.

Access and overview

Only user with the role Property Owner has access to Security page. Before proceeding, make sure your user is the Property Owner.

On this page, the Property Owner can:

  • Grant credit card viewing access to other users.
  • Reset users' credit card viewing password.
  • Set users' auto log out.

To access this page:

  1. In your Account menu, go to the Settings Page and click on the Users section
  2. Click on Security

Security actions

In the User Security Settings, select the corresponding user and click the Actions button to perform the following actions:

  • Set/Reset Credit Card Password: Reset the user's credit card viewing password, a reset link will be sent to the registered email.
  • Grant Credit Card Viewing Access: Give user permission to view guest's credit card data.
  • Set Auto Logout in minutes: If the user is inactive on the computer for the amount of time specified, then the user will be automatically logged out from Cloudbeds PMS.

Learn more about Credit Card Viewing.

  • Property Owner has access to view the credit card data by default, this cannot be disabled.
  • Property Owner must set up password to view credit card data like other users. Learn more about how to Grant and set up credit card viewing password
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