Marketing Opt-In (for properties with GDPR enabled)

In myfrontdesk you may enable Security Compliance Settings (GDPR) which aims to strengthen the security and protection of personal data. GDPR requires that your guests may decide whether they wish to opt-in for your emails which contain marketing information.


Cloudbeds provides you an ability to control and customize the process by:

  • selecting which emails are marketing vs. non-marketing
  • displaying an option on the booking engine for guests to opt-in to marketing emails
  • customize text on the opt-in page (where guests may subscribe to marketing emails)
  • checking which guests opted-in to marketing emails

Opt-in options are available only if you have GDPR Security Compliance enabled on General System Settings page.

Setting Up Marketing Opt-In

Step 1. Setup marketing emails

You can define whether any of your email templates is a marketing or non-marketing type.

  • Non-marketing emails will be sent out to all the guests.
  • Marketing emails:
    • if scheduled - will be sent out ONLY to those guests who opted-in;
    • if sent from reservation - the system will show if the guest opted-in/out and will display an alert if you will try to send a marketing email to a guest who opted-out.
  • By default, all templates will be set to non-marketing once you enable GDPR for the first time
  • If the GDPR setting is DISABLED, all emails will be sent to all guests. This includes both marketing and non-marketing emails.
  • You may set any template as marketing: default emails created by myfrontdesk or template created by the user
  1. Go to Email Templates page
  2. Create new template or edit existing template
  3. Select Email Type
  4. Select Email Type > Marketing
Step 2. Enable Option to Opt-In for mybookings
  1. Go to mybookings settings
  2. 'Show the option to opt-in to marketing content during booking process' > YES
  3. Explain to the guest what kind of additional marketing you may send if they opt-in to marketing:
  • enter the description text
  • enter text for the opt-in option
  • enter text for the opt-out option

This is an example of how opt-in option can look on mybookings:

The system will not pre-populate any of the options (Yes or No), and the guest will be required to choose one of them to proceed.

Step 3. Send Opt-in link for guests from other sources. Customize Opt-In Page

With GDPR enabled you will see a new page Guest Opt-In Page Settings

On this page, you can customize and preview the text displayed to your guests on opt-in/opt-in confirmation pages. Here you can also get the direct link to your opt-in page and paste it into your emails.


Go to Guest Opt-In Page Settings

  1. Under Guest Opt-In Page enter the text which you would like to display on Opt-In page
  2. Enter the text for Opt-In Confirmation page
  3. Click Preview
  1. You will be redirected to the opt-in page with a constant URL. It can be accessed by anyone and property may use it to send to guests before or after the booking

You may copy this URL and send to guests to submit their email address for your marketing messages

  1. To opt-in, your guests need to enter their email address and click SUBMIT
  1. The guest will receive an email like shown below to the email address entered on opt-in page.

The guest need to confirm that they opted-in by clicking the link in the confirmation email.

This link is auto-generated and is always different, making the process more secure: only guests can confirm opting-in to marketing emails directly from their inbox.

  1. Once the guest clicks the link - he will be redirected to the Opt-In Confirmation page
  2. They may opt-out/unsubscribe from your marketing email by clicking Opt Out
  • Only guest can opt-in to marketing emails as they need to confirm receiving these emails from their email inbox.
  • Both guest and property may opt-out the guest from marketing emails.
    • Guest may opt-out by following the link after opting-in (see step 6 above)
    • Property may opt-out the guest on 'Guests' tab in myfrontdesk

You can check if the guest opts-in to marketing and promo content sent by the property by checking each guest's profile. Check the following article for further information GDPR Data Controls

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