Delete reservations

If a reservation was created by mistake or there is another reason to completely get rid of a booking from Cloudbeds PMS, it is possible to delete it. This will fully remove the reservation and all related data from the system.

Things to know before getting started:

  • The action to delete a reservation cannot be undone. It is not possible to restore the deleted booking. You must recreate the reservation by adding it manually using the information from emails/OTA. Find more details in this section: Is it possible to restore deleted reservation.
  • It will also delete all the information related to the booking: Guest data, transactions, data in reports, etc.
  • If you add cash transaction to reservation and drawer, the cash amount will remain in cash drawer summary even after deleting the reservation (only cash amount will be in report, without source, guest name). The cash transaction will be erased from all the reports.
  • If you received a cancellation request, you can simply switch the reservation status to Cancelled. We strongly recommend you not delete the reservation in such cases.

How to delete a reservation

  1. Go to the reservation and click the Actions button
  2. Click Delete Reservation
  3. Confirm the action by clicking Delete. Remember that this action cannot be undone.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to restore a deleted reservation?

Once the reservation is deleted, it cannot be restored in one click as all the data was erased fully from the system. As a workaround you may restore the booking manually:

  1. Gather the reservation details (from reservation notifications received by email; if booking came from OTA/channel, gather the info from the channel extranet; if you have saved the guest details, contact them to confirm the reservation details).
  2. Create the reservation manually, based on gathered information
How to check which user has deleted a reservation?

If you cannot find a reservation in the system and want to check if it was deleted and by whom, you may use the Activity Log to see all the bookings deleted in a specific period.

  1. Access the Activity Log of the Settings page
  2. Enter the date range when the booking was deleted (if known). To see all bookings deleted from the first day of using Cloudbeds PMS, leave unselected.
  3. Select filter Reservation removed in the Reservation - Activity and Status category
  4. Click Apply
  1. Check the list of the reservations deleted
  2. Clicking (+) shows more details about the change made
  3. See the details in the Changes column
How to enable/disable permission to delete a reservation?

By default, this permission is enabled for property owners.

Access to deleting a reservation can be limited to specific roles. To enable/disable deleting a reservation for a specific role, go to to the Reservation Privileges, and click on the Delete reservation toggle:

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