Manage Split Folio in reservation

When the split folio functionality is enabled, the folio tab of the reservation will list out all the Folios on the left hand side. You may add several folios to one reservation and move transactions between them

Currently, Split Folio is not compatible with Poster and any other apps.

Access and manage folio(s)
  1. Go to reservation and open Folio tab
  2. On the left side of the screen you will see the folio(s) added to the reservation
    You may set up which folio(s) should be added to a new reservation by default or depending on its source on 'Folio Configuration' page. Learn more in this article: Folio Configuration Page
  3. Click on the folio to see the transactions added to it
  4. You may edit the folio already added to reservation by clicking pencil icon
  5. You may delete the folio by clicking x sign
  • You must move all the transactions to a different folio prior to deletion
  • A minimum of 1 folio must exist at all times
  1. You can add a payment, refund, charge, item etc to the folio.
    By default the folio which is currently opened will be selected, but you may select another folio to post the payment/refund/item to.
  2. You may also change the folio configuration for the whole reservation. To do that click the pencil icon next to FOLIOS title.

Select a new configuration to replace existing folios with folios within the new configuration. All the transactions, posted and pending, will now appear underneath the new folios.
You should create folio configuration in advance to select it, check this article to learn how:  Folio Configuration Page

If the folios are manually modified on the reservation and then the folio configuration is changed (via the Folio Configuration page), the reservation will not be affected since it has already been manually tampered with.

Add a new folio

1. Go to Folio
2. Click Add Folio

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  1. Enter folio name
  2. Select transaction types which should post to this folio
    All transaction types will be moved to the folios specified within that configuration. If all transaction types are not selected underneath a particular folio, then all the transaction types that are not selected should always post to the first folio.
  3. SAVE
  • Each transaction type can only be selected once in each folio
  • This does not mean that a transaction posted manually cannot be posted to a folio where that transaction type is not selected
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Move transactions between folios

A button to Move Transactions has been added alongside the Add/Refund Payment and Add/Adjust Charge buttons. Clicking this button and selecting Move Between Folios will allow the user to move an individual transaction or transaction types across folios. A single transaction or a type of transactions can be moved.

The transaction date time will always remain the same. It should not change if it gets moved from one folio to another.

1. Open reservation and go to Folio tab
2. Click on the folio with transaction(s) to move
3. Click Move transactions

At the moment, the pending transactions (room rates, taxes, and fees) can only be moved once between folios.
Posted transactions can be moved multiple times

Moving individual transactions

You can move individual transactions to another folio:

  1. select Move individual transactions
  2. select to which folio you want to move transaction(s)
  3. check the transactions to move
  4. click Move Transactions

Moving transaction types

You can move transaction types to another folio:

  1. select Move transaction types
  2. select to which folio you want to move transaction type(s)
  3. select the transaction types to move, for example, Add-ons or all cash transactions
  4. click Move Transactions
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