Configure Split Folio

To prevent the user from having to create multiple folios and specify which transactions are posted to which folio for each reservation, we added a configuration page where the property can set up which folios should immediately be created and to which folio each transaction type should be posted when a new reservation is received.

Multiple configuration options can be created, and a different configuration can be set up for each reservation source.

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Currently, Split Folio is not compatible with Poster and any other apps.

How to create a new folio configuration

  1. Account
  2. Settings
  3. Payments
  4. Folio
  5. Create Configuration
    This will open a modal window where you may enter folio configuration details. The example below shows how to create a folio configuration for bookings from a travel agency which should contain 2 folios: one for the travel agent and one for the guest.
  1. Configuration name: This is the internal name set for you to distinguish which configuration option you are applying. This name will not appear on the folio page of the reservation
  2. Enter the configuration description
  3. Select the source(s) you would like to use this folio configuration for example: if you select Travel Agent source, it means that the folio(s) set for this configuration will be automatically added to the reservations from this source.
  4. The folio configuration will always have 1 folio by default. You can add as many folios as you need.
  5. Enter the folio name
  6. Select which transaction types should be posted to this folio
  7. Save Configuration
DEMO Mountain Resort and Spa - Folio Configuration - Google Chrome
  • Each source can be selected only once. The same source cannot be used across multiple configurations
  • If you select all the sources in previously created configurations, the system will show the following error message. You will need to either remove the source from created configurations or create a new source. Learn how to create new sources in this article: Adding and editing Primary & Third Party Reservation Sources
  • Transactions posted by the system: When a reservation is created and there are transactions posted by the system, the selected transactions will immediately be added to the folio specified.
  • Manually posted transactions: he user can indicate to which folio to add the transaction.
  • When selecting which transaction types immediately post to which folio, each transaction type can only be selected once.
  • If new transaction type is created in the system - it won't be added to any configuration automatically. It gets posted to the first folio until a user manually adds it to a specific folio configuration.
Default Folio Configuration

A default folio configuration can be specified to be used for all sources which are not configured to use any configuration type. If a user does not select any folio configurations for a particular reservation source, or a new reservation source is added, the default folio configuration specified here will be used.

Follow the steps below to set a default folio:

  1. Go to Folio page
  2. Select default folio configuration from drop-down (you need to create folio configuration in advance)
DEMO Mountain Resort and Spa - Folio Configuration - Google Chrome

What will be default folio configuration for existing properties?

In order to prevent all properties from having to complete this step when the functionality is first enabled, a Default Folio Configuration has been created by the system. This configuration will have only one folio named Folio 1.

All transaction types across all reservation sources will be posted to this folio.

How to edit the folio configuration
  1. Go to Folio page
  2. Next to the existing folio, click on the pencil icon to edit it
  3. Click on the cross to delete the folio

When the configuration has been modified, an alert will be displayed asking whether the modifications should apply to all existing reservations for future dates.

  • If 'No' is selected, only the reservations created after the modification will have the changed folio configurations.
  • If 'Yes' is selected, all future reservations (confirmed and confirmation pending with arrival date of today or after) will use the new folio configurations IF the folios on those reservations have not already been manually modified.
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