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Reservations - Why Are the Guest's Credit Card Details missing in a Reservation from an OTA (channel)



In Cloudbeds PMS each reservation has the Credit Card section, where you may add guest credit card details. Cloudbeds PMS may also import guest credit card details if reservation came from a channel and guest added his credit card info while submitting reservation. But there can be several reasons why credit card details will not be imported or are missing. Find more details in this article.

In order to remain compliant with PCIDSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), we must enforce stricter password requirements when allowing the retrieval and viewing of customer credit card data.  For these reasons, you must establish a separate password in order to access the credit card information from your bookings. Please check this article to learn how to setup credit card viewing password.

Reasons and solutions:

The booking was created before the channel was setup with Cloudbeds PMS

If the booking was created before the channel was setup with Cloudbeds PMS, the credit card details will not show, since they were delivered in a different way to you (email, fax).
SOLUTION: it's not possible to re-send the credit card details if they were not sent to our system at the moment of booking. You will need to collect credit card details from Extranet or contact the guest.

You received a modification for a booking for which we don't have the original

If the booking was made before connecting to Cloudbeds PMS and you imported it to our system manually, even after receiving modification to the booking - its credit card details won't be imported.
SOLUTION: you will need to check credit card details in Extranet.

Reservation came from a channel for which we do not store credit card details

Myallocator (channel manager for Cloudbeds PMS) stores credit card details only for the following channels:

  • Expedia
  • Hostelworld (as of Dec 13)*
  • BookNow
  • Ctrip (if enabled on your account in the Ctrip extranet)
  • Agoda
  • TripAdvisor Instant Booking
  • Hotusa
  • HotelTravel
  • Keytel
  • Lastminute
  • ODIGEO Connect
  • Restel
  • HotelTonight

SOLUTION: If reservation came from a channel which is not on list above - you will need to check credit card details directly in extranet.
If reservation came from a channel which is in list above but details are still missing - please check other possible problem reasons below.

*For PCI compliance, Hostelworld does not store CVV codes

Credit Card Type was not recognized by Cloudbeds PMS

As of April 2018, Cloudbeds supports all of the following credit cards to be passed from the channels:

  • VI => 'Visa',
  • AX => 'American Express',
  • BC => 'BC Card',
  • CA => 'MasterCard',
  • CB => 'Carte Blanche',
  • CU => 'China Union Pay',
  • DS => 'Discover',
  • DC => 'Diners Club',
  • T => 'Carta Si',
  • R => 'Carte Bleue',
  • N => 'Dankort',
  • L => 'Delta',
  • E => 'Electron',
  • JC => 'Japan Credit Bureau',
  • TO => 'Maestro',
  • S => 'Switch',
  • EC => 'EuroCard',
  • TP => 'Universal Air Travel Card'
On channel you do not require to collect credit card details/CVV

If credit card details are missing on both Cloudbeds PMS and channel Extranet - most likely you do not require your guests to fill in credit card data on the channel. If you want to collect credit card details from your guests booking on OTAs , you need to make sure the option to collect credit card details is enabled and required on the channel Extranet settings.

SOLUTION: check with your channel Account Manager whether your setting 'Ask for credit card details' is enabled on your Extranet. Extranet Guest Payment Options account may be set to not take Credit Card details due to specific settings.

You may control whether to accept/collect credit card details inside Extranet: go to Property > Policies > Guest Payment Options

Here you may control:

1) whether to accept credit/debit cards and which types
2) under which conditions you won't allow bookings without credit card (if reservation came without CC details check if you allow bookings under certain conditions)
3) whether to collect credit card details from the same country as where your property is located
4) whether to collect CVC

Missing CVV on bookings asks whether you want to send CVV code with the booking.

Example: If the credit card numbers are present, but the CVV details are missing, the account may be set to not take CVV at all. This is what it looks like for the account manager in their system

SOLUTION: contact your channel Account Manager and ask to send CVV code to your PMS/channel manager.

Missing CVV on certain Expedia bookings

The CVV will not be included on EQC booking XMLs by design.

Expedia assigns 1 booking to 1 virtual card and the virtual card corresponds to the details of that booking. Each reservation will have a different card number assigned to be charged. So each CVV is unique to the virtual card issued.

SOLUTION: Access the Expedia's extranet and manually retrieve the CVV from the Payment Information section of the reservation.

Missing billing address details

If you have gateway connected to Cloudbeds PMS, it may require that guest's credit card includes billing address while processing charge. Cloudbeds PMS does not control whether it's required for your guests booking on OTA to include billing address.

SOLUTION: please contact your channel Account Manager and ask whether it's possible to make billing address fields mandatory for the guests. If this is not possible, you may want to disable AVS (billing address verification) directly in your gateway in order to process credit cards with billing address missing.

Despite having billing address requirements enabled on 'Payment Options' page, please note that it only makes billing address mandatory for mybookings and direct bookings. It does not make billing address mandatory on the channels connected. You will need to contact your channel representative to have billing address mandatory on the Extranet (if possible).

Your invoice for using Cloudbeds PMS is 14 days (or more) overdue

If your invoice for using Cloudbeds PMS system is 14 days or more wasn't paid, some parts of the system will be disabled. Credit card data won't be passed from the channels to Cloudbeds PMS.

SOLUTION: you need to pay the outstanding balance in your billing account in order to re-enable full functionality of Cloudbeds PMS.

Myallocator (channel manager) is not synchronized with Cloudbeds PMS (PMS)

Credit card data from the channels is passed to Cloudbeds PMS through myallocator - channel manager for Cloudbeds PMS. If your myallocator credit card password is expired, Cloudbeds PMS will not receive credit card data.

SOLUTION: contact us at in order to restore the synchronization.

Temporary issues in synchronization with the channels

As a rule, the channels transmit credit card data to us only once. If we fail to save them we have no way of getting them again, so if we had temporary problems with the database connection we might not have picked them up.

SOLUTION: Please contact us at so we may check if there were any issues with transmitting credit card data from the channel. Once Cloudbeds team confirms that - the hotel will have to contact channel customer service and explain that we don't have credit card details due to a technical issue. The technical team at channel will provide the further solution (for example, may transmit credit card details by fax. will not re-transmit them to us.)

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