Daily Revenue Report

This report offers a comprehensive overview of revenue transactions for a specific day, providing insights into various revenue categories such as room revenue, items/services revenue, taxes/fees, adjustments, payments, refunds, and disputes.

Access and use

  1. From the Main Menu Main menu.pngclick on Classic reports Classic reports.png

  2. Go to Daily Activity Reports and click on Daily Revenue Report

  3. Choose the date needed. The calendar filter is automatically set to the previous day. To see another day, click on the calendar and select the date.

  4. Use the Ledger toggle to display or hide the Ledger section at the bottom of the report (Optional)
  5. Click Apply

Revenue Table

It presents the data in a set of categories and fields. Click on the sections below to find out their legend.

Report Fields

  • Amount: Revenue registered for the selected date
  • MTD: Month-to-date
  • YTD: Year-to-date

For example, the date selected is 05/15/2024.

  • Amount: One day only (05/15/2024)
  • MTD: It’s the first day of the month until the selected date (05/01/2024 - 05/15/2024)
  • YTD: It’st the first day of the year until the selected date (01/01/2024 - 05/15/2024)

For transactions in blue, clicking on the amount on the day, MTD, or YTD, will redirect you to the Transactions Report for full details associated with that category.

Report Categories

  • Revenue by Rooms Revenue: The total amount of revenue generated from room rates on the selected date
  • Revenue by Items & Services: The total amount of revenue generated on the selected date posted under items/add-ons
  • Revenue by Taxes & Fees: The total taxes and fees associated with room rates, items, etc
  • Revenue by Adjustment: The total amount of adjustments that were done on the selected date
  • Revenue by Payment: A breakdown of each payment transaction method generated on the selected date
  • Revenue by Refunds: The total amount of processed refunds for the selected date
  • Revenue by Disputes: The total revenue generated by disputed charge
  • Grand Total (Revenue): The total of all revenue transactions posted to guest accounts for the selected date
  • Grand Total (Payments): The total of payments and refunds applied to guest accounts for the selected date
  • Grand Total: The overall revenue for transactions (Revenue + Payments) for the selected date
  • Ledger: it shows the following rows:
    • Opening Balance: It’s equivalent to the closing balance of the previous date (Amount field), month (MTD field), and year (YTD field). For example, if the date 05/15/24 is selected, the opening balance in the columns:
        • Amount will be the closing balance of the previous date (05/14/24).
        • MTD will be the closing balance of the previous month (04/30/24).
        • YTD will be the closing balance of the last day of the previous year (12/31/23).

      The opening balance will always be zero on the system's first day of operation.

    • Change: It is calculated by subtracting the Grand Total (Payments) from the Grand Total (Revenue). It's the difference between the two.
    • Closing Balance: The sum of the Opening Balance plus the Change. The closing balance will be the opening balance for the next work day.

Email and Export To option

Find the Email or the Export To button at the top right corner of the page to send the report via email as an attachment or download it as a PDF or Excel file.


Why are there no amounts showing in the "Amount" column of the report?

The Amount balance will be zero ($0.00) if today's date is selected because the system updates room rates at 2:00 AM the following day.

When will the Daily Revenue Report be available, and what transactions will be displayed in the report?

The Daily Revenue Report will be available after all transactions are posted for that day (at 2:00 AM the next day). Even though the report will be available after 2:00 AM, it will display transactions done until 11:59 PM. 

What is the difference between the total posted in the Daily Revenue reports and the Daily Financial reports?

When comparing totals between the Daily Revenue Report and the Daily Financial Report (Total Revenue), it's important to note that the total revenue on the Daily Financial Report (Total Revenue) does not include any taxes and fees.

Recognizing this difference helps you to gain accurate insights, make informed decisions, and comply with regulations. This understanding is critical for practical financial analysis and informed business decisions.

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