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Distribution Channel Rate Plans


This article describes how you can work with different rate plans configured on the channels and how to sync your Cloudbeds PMS rate plans and packages with distribution channels.

To allow the greatest level of flexibility, Cloudbeds sends out a single, standardizing rate across all your channels. This helps ensure a consistent sync across your multiple OTAs.

Cloudbeds Rate Plans & Packages Sync

You can create multiple rate plans for each room type and have those sync to channels.

Not all channels support this feature. Check out the following article to learn How to Sync Rate Plans to Distribution Channels

Dynamic rate plans other than Cloudbeds sync

Since not all channels have the option to sync Cloudbeds' rate plans, you can use dynamic rate plans by creating them inside of your channels extranet based on the standard rate sent from Cloudbeds.

  • Most hotel-based channels support dynamic rate plans
  • Channels like Airbnb iCal, VRBO and most hostel and vacation-rental based channels do not support dynamic rate plans


Cloudbeds uses your base rates to set the default rate of the room in question. From there, when your channel account is setup properly, you can have various rates that are derived (created from) that set base rate.

  • Non-Refundable:  15% of your Base
  • Early Booker:  10% of your Base Rate
  • Date specific (ex: high season):  25% of your Base Rate

The values you set while creating these rate plans in your channel are completely up to you and any agreements you have made with that OTA. Some channels allow you to set a fixed amount instead of a percentage.

How to set up

To set up rate plans on a distributional channel, you will likely need assistance from your channel account manager.
Cloudbeds Support/Onboarding teams cannot set these up in your channel's extranet.

  1. Contact your channel account manager, and ask them to setup a Rate Plan that is derived from the standard rate send by myallocator (channel manager by Cloudbeds)
  2. Once the derived rate plan is setup properly on your extranet, visit your Cloudbeds channels page
  3. Click to access the desired channel
  4. Go through the mapping up to the following screen
  5. Cloudbeds will manage your standard rate plan, and any other rate plans that you have setup on the channel will be based off of that.
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