Elavon - Connection Guide


In order to be able to configure Elavon as your payment gateway you need to have a Payment Processing feature enabled for your account.
You can check more details about this feature here: Payment Processing Overview

Configuring your Elavon Payment Gateway

  1. On your myfrontdesk account, click on Manage and choose Payment Options.
  2. Select Elavon from the list and enter the credentials provided by Elavon or your bank
  3. Click Connect Gateway

The credentials to be entered here are not the same ones you used to login to their extranet, but the API Credentials.

Finding your credentials

If you can't find your credentials, you can search for them on your Elavon account.

Login to your Elavon account here

  1. Click on User > Find / Edit
  2. Click on Find in the form. There's no need to enter any detail there.
  3. Click on the User ID you are looking the PIN for
  1. Click on Terminals.
  2. Copy the PIN from this page and paste it on myfrontdesk.

Things to Note

  • Our Elavon connection is through Elavon Converge, not Elavon Fusebox. If you are attempting to connect through Elavon Fusebox, you will need to contact Elavon support and request to switch to their Converge/VirtualMerchant software.
  • Contact your Elavon sales or technical support representative and ensure that your account is enabled for “eCommerce” and not just “Phone/Catalog”.
  • If you want to enable IP Address Options, please add the following IPs to your account: and If the connection is still not working, we recommend disabling the "IP Address Filter" feature in Elavon.


Error: The credentials supplied in the authorization request are invalid.

Please check you have entered the correct credentials to your Elavon account. The credentials to be entered on myfrontdesk are not the same ones you use to login to their extranet, but the API Credentials.

Please do no use credentials from any third party gateway provider

If don't know what these credentials are, follow these instructions to find them.

Error: A required field {1} was not supplied in the authorization request.

Check your settings for Payment Fields on Elavon's extranet.

  1. Login to your Elavon account here
  2. Go to Terminal > Merchant > Payment Fields
  1. In the list look for Billing Address and uncheck "Required" for the fields you don't have. Click on each item to edit it.
  2. Try using the payment gateway again

Ideally, you should turn off the requirement for all the of these fields, since you will not always have the information, especially from reservations coming from OTAs.

You can (and should) require Billing Details on reservations made in your own booking engine, but you should not require it from Elavon so you can process all the cards you receive.

  • Make sure your Payment Gateway is active.
  • If it is, contact Elavon support to verify if your account is set up properly
Error: This terminal or user id is not permitted to process this transaction type.

Make sure the user ID being used for Payment Processing has all the rights configured in Elavon. Follow the instructions here to find your users and then click on Rights to configure it accordingly.

Error: The value for the first name (ssl_first_name) field is too long.

Elavon currently doesn't support Russian Cyrillic so you need to change the guest name to Latin alphabets on the credit card details, otherwise the following error will be received:

Here is how the name was mentioned in the system:

Solution: Please, access the reservation and click on the credit card tab. Then, edit the name of cardholder from Cyrylic to Latin letters.

Pick Up Card error

Problem: your Payment Processing Report shows a "PICK UP CARD", as shown below.

This is a decline notification sent by your bank. This error message is due to either the card has expired and no longer being in circulation or because the credit card has been reported stolen.​

kxJFzqsLAT3B33RpBHdFRj5WX (1432×213) - Google Chrome

Solution: Kindly reach out to the guest directly to obtain another credit card so you could process the payment.


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