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Our Elavon connection is through Elavon Converge, not Elavon Fusebox. If you are attempting to connect through Elavon Fusebox, you will need to contact Elavon support and request to switch to their Converge/VirtualMerchant software.

Contact your Elavon sales rep or technical support representative, and ensure that your account is enabled for “eCommerce” and not just “Phone/Catalog”.

AVS and 3D-checking will need to be disabled.

There are three initial fields needed to connect your account:

  1. Elavon SSL Merchant ID: Account ID for your Production account as provided by Elavon. This will normally be six digits long, and will often start with a number of 5 or higher.
  2. Elavon User ID: This is the Virtual Merchant user ID for your Production account and is used when you login. It is configured by you or your sales rep when your ecommerce account is setup.
  3. Elavon PIN: Make sure that you’re using your transaction PIN and not your account login password, which is different. If you do not know your transaction PIN, please contact Elavon support.

Settings that need to be changed inside of Elavon's system:

Login To Elavon

Login to Elavon Virtual Merchant. Direct link below

Under "USER" click on Find/edit

Click on the Elavon User ID you are attempting to connect to Cloudbeds with.

The Elavon User ID you are attempting to connect to Cloudbeds must have the following permissions:

If you have IP Address Filtering enabled, you will need to white-list the following:

  • Transparent Gateway API:
  • Transparent Gateway API:
  • Payment Services:
  • Batch File Processing:

If the connection is still not working, we recommend disabling the "IP Address Filter" feature in Elavon.

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