Reservations Tab - Everything You Need to Know

The Reservations page provides access to all existing reservations in your Cloudbeds PMS and allows you to:

  • Create new reservations
  • Filter existing reservations
  • Manage Groups of reservations
  • Import and Export reservations
  • Print a list of reservations

Reservations Tab Overview

Here is a short overview of the features you will find on this page:

  1. The Reservations tab is located on the top main menu of your Cloudbeds PMS account.
  2. Create New reservation button: it takes you to the reservation creation page;
  3. Reservation Filter: You can use a variety of filters to refine your reservation list;
  4. Reservations Import Options, Export reservations, Print reservations list;
  5. Reservations section: a complete list of all existing reservations in the system;
  6. Reservation Search bar: search for a reservation by a guest's name or reservation ID;
  7. Bulk Action: save time with bulk actions (check-in, check out, add payments or delete multiple reservations at once);
  8. Guest's name shortcut: to access the reservation details by clicking on their name;
  9. Sort List icon: all columns can be sorted in descending or ascending order.

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