Payout / Commission Report


The Payout/Commission Report is useful for when you want to know how much Commission you need to pay your Third Party Channels, how much total revenue has come through one of your sources or detailed reservations per source

Generating Payout/Commission Report

1. Set Filters

By clicking on filters you can open up and toggle the exact parameters you would like to see. You may filter by

  • Date Booked (1)
  • Checkin Date (2)
  • Checkout Date (3)
  • Specific Room Types (4)
  • Sources/Channels (5)

2. Click Apply button

Analyzing Payout/Commission Report

This report won't include Cancelled and No Show bookings

Example 1. (Hotel Collect)

As an example let's check commission calculated for

After expanding OTAs tab we can see the following information:

1) You received reservations from with room cost equals 28,651.43

2) At a 9% commission the property owes commission to the channel 2,578.63

(9% from 28,651.43)

Example 2. Hostelworld (Channel Collect)

1) Your base rate is 300$

2) Hostelworld takes 17% commision which is 51$ and when the reservation is made sends back $249 as the net rate (room rate) to myfrontdesk.

3) To calculate the commission taken by Hostelworld correctly (from original room rate, not Net Rate received by Hostelworld) myfrontdesk does the following:

1. Get new commission percentage:

100 - 17 = 83

17 divided by 83 = 0.204819277 or 20.481928 %

2. Calculate the commission amount:

20.48% from $249 = $51 is the commission amount

How to Set Commission Rates for Different Sources

Important Note: The percentages added in reservations sources are ONLY for internal reporting purposes in myfrontdesk. Changing this does not change or alter your percentages on any of the OTA'a extranets. Myfrontdesk does not send any commission information to OTAs or agencies.

1) Navigate to Reservations Sources

2) Select "Third Party Sources" tab

3) Choose OTA that you want to set commission for and click 'Configure Taxes/Fees for Source

Note: If you are not editing but adding a new OTA with a commission then click the "Add New OTA" link next to OTA section'

4) Insert the commission

If adding new OTA, you will need to
1 - select the source name
2 - enter the commission
3 - select tax (not mandatory)
4 - click SAVE

When changing or adding new commission percentage you can recalculate previous bookings adding newly created commission to them (will be applied for all reservation statuses).

Click YES if you want to recalculate the previous reservations

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