Payout / Commission Report


The Payout/Commission Report is useful when you want to know how much Commission you need to pay your Third Party Channels, how much total revenue has come through one of your sources or detailed reservations per source

  • Please note that this report calculates the commission from the price of the whole stay, you can not calculate the commission for selected dates of stay
  • Room Rate in this report equals room rate + taxes applied to room rate (it does not include taxes and room rate added manually and adjustments applied to room rate or tax)
  • This report won't include Cancelled and No Show bookings
Generating Commission Report

1. Go to Reports > Financial Reports > Payout/Commission Report

2. Set Filters and click Apply

In the filters section, you can filter out the specific reservations to see the commission calculated for them.

  • Date Booked
  • Check-in Date
  • Checkout Date
  • Specific Room Types
  • Sources/Channels

Please note, that it's not possible to filter out and calculate the commission for specific dates of stay, you can only filter out and calculate the commission for the whole booking(s) (all dates of stay).  It also means you need to apply filters considering only the reservation check-in or check-out date, not the date of stay in between.

For example, if the reservation was made on 1 March and dates of stay are 25 March - 5 April, you may apply all or some of the following filters for the reservation to be displayed in the report: 

a) date booked = 1 March
b) check-in = from 25 March until further
c) check-out = from 5 April until further

You won't be able to calculate the commission for dates of stay only in March or April

Example 1. (Hotel Collect)

As an example, let's check commission calculated for

After expanding OTAs tab we can see the following information:

1) You received reservations from with room cost equals 28,651.43

2) At a 9% commission, the property owes a commission to the channel 2,578.63

(9% from 28,651.43)

Example 2. Hostelworld (Channel Collect)

1) Your base rate is 300$

2) Hostelworld takes 17% commission which is 51$ and when the reservation is made sends back $249 as the net rate (room rate) to myfrontdesk.

3) To calculate the commission taken by Hostelworld correctly (from original room rate, not Net Rate received by Hostelworld) myfrontdesk does the following:

1. Get new commission percentage: 

100 - 17 = 83

17 divided by 83 = 0.204819277 or 20.481928 %

2. Calculate the commission amount:

20.48% from $249 = $51 is the commission amount

How to Set Commission Rates for Different Sources

Important Note: The percentages added in reservations sources are ONLY for internal reporting purposes in myfrontdesk. Changing this does not change or alter your percentages on any of the OTA'a extranets. Myfrontdesk does not send any commission information to OTAs or agencies.

  1. Navigate to Reservations Sources
  2. Select Third Party Sources tab
  1. Choose OTA that you want to set commission for and click Configure Taxes/Fees for Source

If you are not editing but adding a new OTA with a commission then click the Add New OTA link next to OTA section

  1. Insert the commission:

If adding new OTA, you will need to
1 - select the source name
2 - enter the commission
3 - select tax (not mandatory)
4 - click SAVE

When changing or adding new commission percentage you can recalculate previous bookings adding newly created commission to them (will be applied for all reservation statuses).

Click YES if you want to recalculate the previous reservations.

Workaround: Commission Calculated On Top Of Room Revenue Only

As mentioned above, our Commission Report calculates the commission set up in the Reservation Sources tab based on room total (room revenue + associated taxes). In some case, you may need to calculate the Commission on top of the room revenue only. We're committed to making our commission report more flexible in the future. In the meantime, you can use the following workaround.

Usually, a property owner needs to pay channel commission on a monthly basis. For example, issues commission invoices at the beginning of each month for all reservations with departure dates from the previous month. More info can be found here. Commission will also be charged on non-refundable bookings, regardless of whether the guest stayed at the property or not.

Keep in mind that the suggested workaround works well for confirmed and checked-out reservations only. Since rate plan cannot be exported, those non-refundable or partially refundable no-show or cancelled reservations should be identified and added to the calculation manually.

You can generate the list of the needed reservations in the Reservations tab, export this list as an excel file, sum up the Accommodation total and calculate the commission amount based on that. Here are the steps:

  1. Go the Reservations tab and filter the list of reservations as needed.
  2. Select the needed channel in the reservation source filter (e.g.
  3. Apply Check-in or Check Out Date filter as needed (e.g. if you'd like to know how much commission needs to be paid to at the beginning of February than you need to get the list of all the reservations checking out in January).
  4. No Show and Cancelled reservations should be excluded.  
  5. Click on Apply.
  6. Click on Export Reservations.
  7. Make sure that Accommodation Total is among the selected fields and click on Export Reservations in order to download the Excel file.
  8. In Excel or any other spreadsheet editor, find the Accommodation Total column, calculate its sum and calculate your commission based on that.


Keep in mind that, unlike the Commission Report, this Accommodation Total includes manual room revenue and adjustments. Thus, this workaround is not ideal if there is any manual room revenue or adjustments added to the 3rd party reservations.

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