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Email Templates - Everything you need to know


In Cloudbeds PMS, you can create and customize email templates to send to your guests. This article will walk you through the benefits, limitations and the difference between default and custom email templates in the system.


  • Saves time - no need to create a new email from scratch each time you want to communicate with your guests
  • Promotes Consistency - making sure the email layout and description follow your property standards and guidelines
  • Reduces human error - the format and writing are ready to be sent which prevents typos, misspelling or even incorrect information
  • Simplifies inbox management  - employees don't have to spend as much time laboring over what to say in each email
  • Custom templates can be scheduled - emails can be automatically programmed to be sent according to pre-defined criteria, such as check-in or check-out dates. Learn more: Email Templates - How to schedule emails for your guests

Current Limitations

  • In HTML style emojis are not supported for the email templates and adding them may cut off your text. It's planned to be fixed in the future release. Until then, avoid using emojis in templates.
  • Only the font types (Open Sans, Arial, Times New Roman and Verdana) displayed on the email template creation will work.
  • Coding on the email template will not work on the actual email sent.
  • Default email templates cannot be disabled, deleted or scheduled.
  • The Merge tag [table] does not work in custom email templates (created by the user).
  • If you want to use a business email address as sender (e.g., follow this guide).

Two Types of Email Templates in Cloudbeds PMS

There are two types of email templates in the Cloudbeds PMS: the default (pre-existing templates) and the custom (created by the property). Check their details below:

Default Email Template

Once your Cloudbeds  account is created, there will be 5 or 7* email templates created by default:

  1. Reservation Invoice
  2. Reservation Folio
  3. Reservation Confirmed
  4. Reservation Canceled
  5. Pending Confirmation

*If you have Groups feature enabled:

  1. Group Profile Folio
  2. Group Profile Invoice


  • Default emails can be activated or disabled only by Property Owner, Organization Owner and Organization Admin. To edit the email template, click the gear icon, and then click Edit. Make sure you use a custom email solution if you deactivate the default emails. Learn more: Default Email Templates in Cloudbeds PMS
  • When editing the email template, do not include any comma in the From Name and Reply-to Name fields as it will cause an error in sending the email message from the system.
Custom Email Templates

Custom email templates are the ones that can be created and customized to be sent later by the property in Cloudbeds.

The merge tag [table] which auto-populates the reservation rates does not work for custom email templates.

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