How To Setup Bank Transfer Payments


This article will walk you through the process of setting up Bank Transfer payments for your property in myfrontdesk. During setup, your onboarding coach will help make sure that the proper information to receive bank transfers for your property is accurate but in the event, it needs to be changed then please follow the steps below.

Please note that you should use this method to receive payment, then any surcharge that the individual banks add to use this service is at your own expense.

Setting Up Bank Transfer Payments

Log into myfrontdesk by Cloudbeds

  1. Click on the Gear Icon / Settings
  2. Click on Payment Options tab under Property Configuration
  3. Access Bank Transfer tab
  4. Click on the left hand side of the box to Activate bank transfer - it will show a green box saying ACTIVE

5.    Select where you want to allow this type of payment type

  • Direct / Dashboard Reservations
  • Mybookings Bookings Engine

6.    Enter all the required information to receive Bank Transfers

To ensure that’s guest have the correct information, make sure to list your property and bank addresses somewhere in this section along with all the bank account details. This will help ensure that payments are processed efficiently.

7.  You can also add all the details in other languages

8.  Click on SAVE to complete the process

I've enabled Bank Transfer as a payment option, but I can not see it on the Booking Engine. Why?

There are some reasons why you will not see the Bank Transfer as a payment option:


1. You didn't select 'Mybookings Booking Engine'

Make sure to select mybookings Booking Engine when setting up Bank Transfer as an option, otherwise, it will be hidden from your booking engine page

2. You do not collect deposit payment at the time of booking

Bank Transfer will only show up on mybookings when a deposit amount is configured - It must be related to your Policies.
If the option "do not collect deposit payment" is selected and you chose to capture the credit card details for the reservation to keep on file, the Bank Transfer option will not show up. To check it, follow the steps below:

  1. On Settings, click on the 'Policies' tab
  2. Under Deposit tab, check if you choose to not collect deposit payment at the time of booking

When you do not collect a deposit amount and also do not want to capture credit card details for the reservation to keep on file, not even the 'credit card' will be displayed as a payment option on your Booking Engine.

*To learn more about Policies, click here

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