How to attach a promo code to a rate plan or package


This article will walk you through the process of adding promotion codes to special rate plans and packages for your property in myfrontdesk.

Important: Rate plans created in myfrontdesk as well as promo codes attached to them are not shared with any distribution channels. They will only appear for direct reservations in the system and online reservations through your property's website and Facebook booking engines.

Accessing Rate Plans & Packages

Click on 'Rates and Availability' tab and press 'Rate Plans & Packages'

For more details on how rate plans & packages work in myfrontdesk, please refer to How to Add Rate Plans and Packages.

Creating a Promo Code

1. Click on '+NEW RATE PLAN' button

2) Add Public Rate plan/package name

3) Enter the private Rate Plan Name 

4) Choose whether your rate plan will be derived (selecting 'Yes' will give an option to increase/adjust percentage or certain sum to your Base Rates)

5) Next to 'Promotion Code' section select 'Yes'

6) On this field type the promocode for the package

Once you start typing the code, a promotion link will appear to the right

Promo code field isn’t case sensitive

You may also add Policies, Add-ons and Images for your rate plan under Promotion Code section but this is not mandatory

7. Scroll down to Availability section and click '+ Add Interval' button

8. Click on the 'SAVE' button to finish editing Interval, then click 'SAVE' to complete creating Rate Plan

Here you may add Start Date (9) and End Date (10) of the package as well as select for which room types the rate plan with promo code will be available (11).

You can also setup a the price for the additional guest (12). Here you will be able to choose to use same price for additional guest existed for the base rate or to use a different price for this specific rate plan.

On this section you can also manage different restrictions like MinLos, Cut-Off Policy but these fields are not mandatory

Once rate plan/package has been saved, it will appear on Rate Plans page. 

Helpful Hint:

If the Rate Plans & Packages already exists and you want to add the promotion code, simply click on the pencil icon and follow steps 6-7.

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