How to combine split reservations from the calendar


In this article, it will walk you through the steps on how to combine a split reservation into one room type.

**Please note that this is subjected to room availability for your property *****

Step 1: Log into myfrontdesk by Cloudbeds

Step 2: Calendar View

Scenario: John Henry wants to upgrade his first 2 nights from Deluxe Queen to Deluxe King

1) If rooms are available to up-sell, then you may proceed.

2) Click on the initial reservation and drag reservations down to the desired room.

Step 3: Alert Message

The system will automatically alert you that there is room type and rate changes about to occur.

1) Once guest confirms the up-sell then click on "Confirm Up-Charge" to proceed

Step 3: Alert Message

Step 4: Modify accommodations into 1 single reservations -

As you can see both reservations are blocked in same room though it is still 2 separate reservations. You will need to do the following steps to complete the process.

1) Click on reservation to open more options. Select Guest Details


3) Click on the reservation under MY ACCOMMODATIONS to access reservation details (It will be highlighted in light blue after selected)

4) Review the reservations and click on UPDATE ACCOMMODATIONS

5) Updated Reservations will be listed under My Accommodations on the left hand side of screen. To finalize the update, on the bottom right, click UPDATE to combine both reservations into one booking.

Step 5: Completed Reservations

This is what a completed reservation will look like after combining a split reservation

Step 5: Completed Reservations
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