Hostelworld Troubleshooting

This article shows the errors that you may encounter during or after connecting Hostelworld to Cloudbeds PMS.

If you can't find the error that you're facing, contact our Support Team. You can also reach out to your Hostelworld Account Manager if you have questions about the Hostelworld extranet specifically.

Errors during the connection process

Error:  Availability interface not enabled. Please contact the channel manager support.

This error message means that Hostelworld has not been enabled for your property for use with Cloudbeds Channel Manager.

Contact your Hostelworld Account manager and ask whether they have activated the connection between Hostelworld and Cloudbeds channel manager. See Step 2 - Select/Enable Cloudbeds channel manager as your Channel Manager

Error: Mapped room has wrong number of beds

This error occurs when the maximum occupancy of your private room on Cloudbeds PMS doesn't match the number of guests for the same room on Hostelworld.

Example: Your double room on Cloudbeds PMS has maximum occupancy of 2 people, this room is mapped to a room type on Hostelworld with maximum occupancy of 3 people. It could lead to connectivity issues, the availability and rates will not be updated correctly on Hostelworld. See section Private Room Rates Issues.

Make sure the configuration of the number of guests allowed in the room match on both Cloudbeds PMS and Hostelworld.


Private Room rates issues

Hostelworld only accepts rates as per person, which works great for dorms but has the potential for issues with Private Rooms.

Per Hostelworld:

All rates need to be submitted per person. Rates for private rooms are then multiplied by the total capacity of the room. Capacity of Double Room is always “2” because you can accommodate 2 people in that room. We do not sell double rooms for single occupancy and thus total rate for this room is always the same.

Each room type in Hostelworld has a total capacity, if the occupancy of a private room in Cloudbeds PMS does not match up with the capacity of that room type in Hostelworld, 2 things will happen:

  1. Hostelworld may not accept our availability and rate update, or
  2. The rate we send to Hostelworld will be wrong.

Make sure the configuration of the number of guests allowed in the room match on both Cloudbeds PMS and Hostelworld.

Example of correct configuration:

Hostelworld room(s) not showing in the room mapping process


Hostelworld displays rooms based on their type, such as Shared or Private.  If you have set up your Cloudbeds PMS room as a different type than the Hostelworld room, you will not see the corresponding Hostelworld room for mapping purposes.  

  • Example: You have a room called Single, created as a Shared Dorm in Cloudbeds PMS as shown below:

If the Hostelworld room that you want to map is created as a Private Room, that Hostelworld room will not be displayed on the drop-down list for mapping. This is because the room type (Shared versus Private) does not match between Cloudbeds and Hostelworld.

Instead, you will only see the [Not configured] message as shown below:

Solution 1 - Update the Room Type

There are two options:

  1. Change the room type in Cloudbeds PMS to match the room type in Hostelworld
  2. Change the room type in Hostelworld to match the room type in Cloudbeds PMS.
  • Example: you configured room as private in Cloudbeds PMS, but it's shared (dorm) on Hostelworld. The room needs to be private on both sides (or shared on both sides).

Once you make the proper change, the room will appear in the drop-down list on the mapping page.

Solution 2 - Check Hostelworld fields
  1. Go to Hostelworld Room Type configuration and fill in all the fields
  2. Once this is done return to the Cloudbeds PMS Mapping page and map the room

If the room isn't in the list, contact Hostelworld to ask them to enable this room type for channel management.

  1. Make sure room types (private vs. dormitory) correspond between the channel extranet and Cloudbeds, otherwise the rooms won't be available for mapping.

In the example below Room Grade wasn't set up so the room wasn't available for mapping in Cloudbeds:

Solution 3 - Re-create disabled room

If a room was disabled on Hostelworld for certain period, it can be that enabling it again won't make it displayed on Cloudbeds PMS. In this case, delete the room on Hostelworld (which was disabled on channel for certain period) and create it again.

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