Most popular reports

  1. Channel Performance Summary - YTD information on reservations according to booking channel. Includes rooms, nights, revenue and commissions.
  2. Arrivals Overview - Key information related to all your check-ins. Filters include estimated arrival, room types, balance due, notes, and time periods.
  3. Reservations by Booking Date - Basic reservation parameters grouped by booking date. Filter by date, source, rate plan, room type and more.
  4. Transaction Detail - See all transaction details. Filter by date, type, status, reservation number and more.
  5. Reservation by Rate Plan - Summary or detailed information by rate plan YTD. Enable the details toggle for full content.
  6. Room Revenue by Source and Rate Plan - YTD revenue by source and rate plan for revenue management and marketing analysis. Use the bar chart for at a glance view and the table for details and export.
  7. Production by Guest Country - See all production details. Filter by city, source or group
  8. Rate Plan Production - A summary table containing the amount of Room Revenue generated per Rate Plan per Month. Can be sliced per day if needed. Does not contain ADR or Room Nights.
  9. Payments and Balances Due - Reservation paid, total amount and balance due listed by primary guest name. Filter for specific time periods.
  10. Out of Service Rooms - Simple lists of out of service rooms per day.
  11. Total Revenue by Month by Room Type - Pivot table with sum of debits (Rev) by property name and room type vs transaction year.
  12. Departures Overview - Overview of guests checking out today. Includes room nights, room types, balance due and more.
  13. Invoices and Credit Notes Report with Details - A report on all invoices and credit notes with information about all transactions included in each one of them
  14. In House Guests - List of all guests part of a reservation. Filter by reservation status, check in date and more.
  15. Guest Ledger Report - Displays total, paid and balance due amount for In House reservation, with reservation details. Filter by room number, guest name and more.
  16. Guest and Room Overview - In house and confirmed reservations with guest and room details. Filter to adjust time period and reservation status.
  17. Deposit Ledger Report - List of future reservations with received payments - paid amount, total amount and balance due. Filter by balance due, room nights and more.
  18. Reservations with Financials - All reservation information, including financial details. Sutable for bulk data export.
  19. Checked Out Reservations with Outstanding Balances (City Ledger) - Reservations with status checked out that have balance due different than 0. Filter to adding other reservation statuses or change the balance due amount.
  20. Group Rooming List - View the complete room list of any groups by entering a group’s name in the filter.  This report requires Groups functionality at the property level.
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