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Groups & Events platforms are essential tools for hospitality businesses aiming to streamline and optimize their group bookings and event planning processes.

  • These platforms efficiently manage group sales, ensuring that large bookings are coordinated smoothly, maximizing occupancy and revenue.
  • Additionally, with their catering sales features, they assist businesses in designing and executing impeccable dining experiences tailored to the specific needs of events, be it a business conference or a wedding.
  • The event management functionalities further elevate the planning and execution process by providing tools to handle every detail of an event, from guest lists to venue layouts.
  • These platforms not only simplify the complexities involved in handling group bookings and events but also ensure that guests receive top-notch service, leading to enhanced guest satisfaction and repeat business.
  • Overall, the Groups & Events platforms empower businesses to deliver memorable experiences while driving efficiency and profitability.
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Event Temple
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Event Temple pulls room availability from Cloudbeds for the purpose of managing group and events reservations, daily availability is displayed within Event Temple.
Region: Worldwide
Group Reservation System by Civitfun
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GRS manages group bookings for tour operators,  Availability and Best available Rates, and optional packages or rate plans are displayed to Touroperators. GRS platfom allows group bookings at a same property or at multiple properties matching the criteria from the tour operator in terms of dates, location, and availability. GRS also supports modifications and cancelations to Cloudbeds.
Region: Worldwide
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