Connect and Manage Flexipass Webkeys Integration to Whistle for Cloudbeds

Flexipass Webkeys is the new popular Flexipass functionality that allows guests to open doors without having to download the Flexipass mobile app. Instead, their key(s) is accessible through Whistle for Cloudbeds via our Guest Book, and allows them to open doors with a click.

Check in this article how to connect Flexipass Webkeys and manage the integration in Whistle for Cloudbeds.

1 - Integration Setup
  1. Contact our support team to complete the Flexipass Webkeys Integration connection.
  2. Once the setup is complete, proceed to the door mapping.
2 - Door mapping

In your Whistle for Cloudbeds account,

  1. Go to the Integrations page
  2. Open the Flexipass Webkeys Doors settings
  3. Click on each door name to configure the door mapping
  1. Configure the display name and alternate door names
  2. Switch the toggle on IF this is a common door and configure the associated doors in the +add common door button
  3. Save and proceed to the next door mapping until all doors are complete.

Each door must be mapped and updated as needed with the display name and common door settings.

The Webkeys will then be accessible by guests in the Whistle for Cloudbeds Guest Book through a digital key button. Check the next step to know how to enable this button for each guest.

3 - Enable the digital key button on the guest book

On the company page (gear icon),

  1. Go to the Guest Book home page settings
  2. On the Digital Keys section, switch the toggle on
  3. Fill out the check in and check out times
  4. Save

The digital keys button will only be displayed if a guest has keys available to them.

When clicking the digital key button, your guest will be able to click on open the door assigned to them.

Door access for early check-in

If the guest needs to access their door keys prior to the check-in time configured in Step 3, you can enable the keys by following the options below:

Option 1 - If you have Cloudbeds PMS Housekeeping model:

  • While configuring the Guest app home page, switch the toggle on to allow early access if room is ready.
    • "Room Ready" is determined by the following statuses in Housekeeping:
      • Vacancy status: vacant
      • Condition status: clean
      • Front desk status: check-in | turnover
  • Or you can also follow option 2.

Option 2 - If you don't have Cloudbeds PMS Housekeeping model:

  1. While in the Guest Panel, select the Digital Key tab in the right sidebar
  2. Switch the toggle on for the door/room that the guest needs to have access.

You can use this toggle to override settings and manually grant or revoke access to a door by any time.

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