Split Inventory - How to combine rooms and examples of usage cases

Here are some examples of how you can use Split Inventory. These are the typical scenarios, but the possibilities are vast, and you can tailor it to your property type.

Combining same physical room types into one virtual room

Split Inventory simplifies things by merging similar physical room types into one virtual room type, which can then be linked to different physical room types.

For instance, we can offer a Suite room created by combining two connected Deluxe rooms:

Setting up

Follow the steps below to create Suite room and connect it with two DELUXE rooms:

  1. Create a new virtual room type as a Suite
  2. Go to Split Inventory
  3. Link two Deluxe rooms and the new Suite room together so they become one connected unit. This will prevent access to sell the connected rooms based on particular occupancy levels.

Here is how it will look once linked:


  • When Suite receives a reservation, all Deluxe rooms will be blocked and removed from the available inventory.
  • When one of Deluxe rooms is booked Suite becomes unavailable as well.
Combining physical room and virtual room to sell it as a whole floor

The second floor has one standard room and two deluxe rooms. We've combined the two deluxe rooms into a suite. We would rather be using the suite instead of the two deluxe rooms.

Setting up

  1. Select Second Floor as a primary accommodation
  2. Connect Standard room 4 as a secondary accommodation
  3. Click +Add Accommodation Type
  4. Add SUITE as a secondary accommodation as well

This is how your Split Inventory connections should looks if you followed the scenario above:


  • If the Second floor is booked, both SUITE and Standard room become unavailable.
  • If Standard room or SUITE or just one of the Deluxe rooms, which belong to SUITE get reservation, the whole Second floor becomes unavailable.
Combining rooms to sell as the whole floor

Split inventory lets you connect any room type to another, even if those room types don't physically exist.

Setting up

Combine three Standard rooms into the First Floor

  1. Create the Floor Room type with 2 units
  2. Go to Split Inventory
  3. Select the First Floor as a primary accommodation type
  1. Connect three Standard rooms to the First Floor:


  • If you sell the whole First Floor, all the three Standard rooms connected will be blocked.
  • If you sell at least one on the Standard Room on the first floor Floor 1 will be unavailable.
Combining two different physical room types into one virtual

You can make new virtual rooms by picking two different room types. Here, we're mixing a standard room with a deluxe room to make a Duplex room.

Setting up

  1. Create a new Duplex room type
  2. Go to Split Inventory
  3. Select Duplex as a primary accommodation type
  4. Link Standard room
  5. Click on +Add Accommodation type
  6. And link Deluxe room as well

This is how it should look once linked:

Making the whole place available for reservations

The main reason people use vacation rentals is to book the whole property. You can list the entire place as a similar type of accommodation.

This is how the complete list of the Split Inventory setup should look in our example:

Setting up

  1. Create a new room type for the whole House
  2. Go to Split Inventory
  3. Connect the entire house to the Floors that we have previously created.


  • If House is booked, all the accommodations in it become unavailable.
  • If at least one of the room types is booked - House becomes unavailable.
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