How to sell a room or space without affecting your occupancy

This article explains how to create a room or space for your property that can be reserved without impacting your overall occupancy in Cloudbeds PMS.


To sell a room (or space) without affecting the occupancy, it will be necessary to create a virtual accommodation. A virtual accommodation refers to a combination of physical rooms that are sold as a single unit.

  • For example: A property with six physical rooms can create virtual accommodations by combining them in different ways (such as selling two standard rooms as a deluxe suite) to fill specific guest needs.

Examples of usage:

  • Event space or sell the backyard for the event
  • Rent the ballroom
  • Non-nightly packages when guests are spending the day at your property without staying the night (Day use, Day-pass)
  • Renting kayaks, boat slips
  • Parking, etc.

Virtual accommodations do not add to your total room count for your Cloudbeds package pricing.

Virtual rooms and occupancy

Do virtual accommodations affect my occupancy?

No. When creating a new accommodation, and the room type is marked as physical, it will be included in the occupancy calculation. Virtual room types on the other hand, will be ignored, and the occupancy will be calculated by using their relationships.

Creating this type of room will not increase the total capacity of the property, and marking it as occupied also will not affect reports. For example: In a 10 physical room property, adding a virtual room will not change the physical inventory to 11.

Occupancy in Calendar with virtual rooms

Due to the particularity of these rooms, virtual accommodations do not appear in the Reports, meaning that it does not impact your occupancy as regular rooms would.

See the example below:

  1. Jane Doe's virtual room reservation dates: September 29th - 30th, 2023
  2. Occupancy percentage in the calendar for September 29th - 30th, 2023: 0%
Occupancy Report room comparison
  1. Reservations overview in the Calendar:
    • Reservation 1: October 2023
    • Reservation 2: September 2023
  2. Rooms selected for comparison: Standard Shared Room Female and New Virtual Room
  3. New Virtual Room in report: Displayed in blue (For September 2023, 0% of rooms occupied)
  4. Standard Shared Room Female in report: Displayed in green (For October 2023, 1.94% of rooms occupied)

Manage your virtual rooms

Create a virtual room or space

Do not add prices to this virtual room if you want to sell it internally only.

Book virtual rooms
  1. Follow the steps to create a new reservation in Cloudbeds PMS. In the accommodation list of the reservation creation process, add your new virtual room. The room will be automatically added to the left panel
  2. Go to the booking details
  3. Add the corresponding guest information
  4. Click to Confirm and pay
  5. Click to confirm reservation
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