Mecx-Tech (Payment Gateway) - How to Sign Up and Connect

Before connecting in Cloudbeds, follow the instructions to set up an account with the Payment Gateway provider using the Support Articles provided below. If you already have an account, follow the Support Article instructions to obtain your “Merchant ID” and “Secret Key” that Mecx-Tech will need. 


  1. Account
  2. Navigate to the Apps & Marketplace page 
  3. Search for Mecx-Tech, or the specific Payment Partner, in the search bar 
  4. Click Learn More on the Partner Card
  5. Click Submit Request: This action will submit a request to our support team and they will contact you back with all the needed details shortly.
  6. Once you agree on the pricing with the support team you will see the CONNECT APP button.
  7. Email Mecx-Tech ( the keys or information provided by the Payment Gateway and they will proceed to complete the onboarding process.

5. Follow the connection guide depending on the accounting software you selected. To find the appropriate one, please check this article here

Reach out to our Support Team if you'd like to disconnect the app.

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