FACT - Troubleshooting

FACT is a management solution for properties located in Portugal only, certified by the tax authority, which allows you to issue invoices.

If you are facing error messages, check a few solutions below. Feel free to also visit the following article: FACT - Frequently Asked Questions

Troubleshooting - Error Messages

Error Message - Can not edit a client that is being used in drafts

If you attempted to issue an invoice and are seeing the error message below, it means that a draft was manually created within the FACT account.

Solution: You need to remove drafts directly from your FACT account and issue through Cloudbeds PMS by following the steps above.

Error Message - Issue Receipt is not available

This error message is caused by unmapped taxes or when VAT is not associated with the correct invoice.

Unmapped Taxes

Confirm if all your taxes were mapped correctly:

  1. Access FACT Integrations tab on your Cloudbeds account
  2. Make sure that all taxes within Cloudbeds PMS are mapped with your FACT taxes

Save and try again.

VAT is not associated with the correct invoice

This error message can also occur when the VAT is not associated with the correct invoice.

If you are using Split Folio, make sure the right Tax is linked to the right Folio. Check the following example:

On the taxes and fees settings:

  1. Items & Services is linked to IVA23, IVA13
  2. The room rate is linked with tax IVA6

In each folio, you can see that room rates were linked to IVA6

Slack | kb_macro_requests | Cloudbeds | 10 new items

And Itens & Services were linked to IVA23 and IVA13

Slack | kb_macro_requests | Cloudbeds | 10 new items

If it's still not working, reach out to our support team.

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