Cloudbeds Payments - Future Payouts Report

The Future Payouts Report shows all payouts with the corresponding number of transactions that will be paid out on a future date.

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Future Payouts Report is currently available for Cloudbeds Payments in the below regions:

How to access

  1. Click Menu.
  2. Go to Reports.
  3. Click Payments Reports.
  4. Select Future Payout.
[TEST] Lviv hotel | CB payments - Dashboard

Report details

  1. Number of Payouts: The total number of payments from all future payouts
  2. Total Payouts Amount: Net amount of money to be deposited to your bank account
  3. Expected Deposit Date: The estimated date of deposit for the payout
  4. Status: Details the status of the payout
  5. Payment(s): Number of Payments included in the payout
  6. Payout Amount: The total amount to be paid out

Payout overview

Click the Expected Deposit Date for the payout you wish to access.

Una Vida Tulum - Future Payouts Report

A window will pop-up detailing the payout with its corresponding payments that are held within the payout.

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