PayU Latam - Troubleshooting

PayU Latam is one of the payment processors Cloudbeds connects through the Payment Processing Feature. This article shows troubleshooting for errors in PayU connection.

Error: You do not have the required permissions to perform the requested operation.
  • Issue: This likely means that your PayU Latam account does not have "API services" enabled.
  • Solution: Contact PayU Latam's support team and request to have that feature activated for your PayU Latam account.
Currency "USD" not supported for your country

Reason: Your property is configured to use US Dollars on Cloudbeds PMS, but PayU does not support that currency in your country.

Currently, it is not possible to send charges in a currency different from the one configured in your account.

Contact our Support team if you need to change the default currency on Cloudbeds PMS.


The transaction was not automatically approved and must be revised by PayU. When the transaction is approved or declined, Cloudbeds PMS will update accordingly.


The transaction was rejected by PayU's anti-fraud system.


  1. Check if all required billing details are correct in the Credit Card Details.
    Viewing Credit Card Details: All You Need To Know
  2. If the problem persists, contact PayU to verify your risk profile.
Error: An error occurred converting transaction amounts.

This error may occur when trying to authorize a credit card using a currency different from your local currency. For example, if your PayU account is set up in Peru and uses Peruvian Pesos and your Cloudbeds PMS account is set up to charge in USD.

In this case you will not be able to use the Authorize function. You will still be able to use the Charge function.

Only Cloudbeds team can perform main application currency changes. Learn more.


Error: One or more request parameters are invalid payment.actions_by_type.charges[0] missing

This error may occur when trying to refund a payment through PayU Latam. It happens because, for refunds, PayU requires more information than they require to charge the card.


You can refund the payment manually on your PayU Extranet and manually register this refund on Cloudbeds PMS folio.  Check how to do that here: How to Add / Post Refund to Reservation as a Record (Without Using Payment Gateway Processing)

Double check the required fields settings: Billing Address Requirements

Error: The card number is not a valid credit card number. [INVALID_CARD] The account does not allow transactions with international credit cards.

This error may occur when PayU doesn't allow transactions with international cards.


Contact PayU support team directly and ask them to enable international credit card charges.

Error: The request sent to the provider is invalid. You do not have the required permissions to perform the requested operation
i6mAN2fhw3Tb5DCUXm4xY97pp (1302×642) - Google Chrome

This error may occur when PayU connection was set as Test mode (it's not live yet).


Go to Payment Options and check if the payment gateway connection was set as Test. Go ahead and switch to Live.

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