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The Rate Manager is a tape chart, similar to Myfrontdesk Calendar or Availability Matrix. It lists all your room types, availability, base rates, rules/alerts triggered (if any), and events (if any). It allows you to make base rate changes, accept/deny manual rules or review all rules that have  already been applied (manual or automated).

Accessing Rate Manager
  1. Click PIE icon in the top right corner of Myfrontdesk
  2. Go to Rate Manager page

There are 2 views available in Rate Manager: Calendar and List. You can choose between them by using the toggle at the top of the page.

Rate Manager Views: Calendar vs List view

Calendar view is a tape-chart that is similar to Myfrontdesk Calendar or Availability Matrix:

List view displays a list of rules/alerts filtered out by certain parameters:

Rate Manager Calendar view

Calendar Legend

Calendar Overview

On the calendar you may:

  1. Refresh the data: if there have been any changes to the inventory, which triggered any rules/alerts, a [!] sign will appear on the refresh icon
  2. Jump to any date in the future to see the rules/alerts triggered
  3. Review overall occupancy for any date in the future
  4. Review availability per accommodation type for any date in the future
  5. Check the rules/alerts triggered
  6. Change the daily accommodation rate
  7. Approve/deny a manual occupancy rule
  8. Review Min/Max limits reached: red triangles indicate days where Min or Max limit has been reached (for more details about Min/Max limits please visit this article)
  9. Review applied rules: blue triangles indicate days where rules have been applied (manually or automatically)
Accommodation Details window

Accommodation Details is a popup window that contains additional data that will help you make pricing and stay restrictions decisions for any given day in the future.

It can be accessed by clicking on different areas of the date cell in the Rate Manager Calendar:

  • Clicking on the Alerts opens the popup on the Rules & Alerts tab, showing all pending rules that need approval as well as any other rules that have been applied/denied for the selected date/room type
  • Clicking on the red/blue triangle in the corner opens the popup on the Rules & Alerts tab, showing the rules that reached the Min/Max pricing limits, applied rules as well as any other rules that exist for the selected date/room type
  • Clicking on the Availability number opens the popup on the Property tab, showing additional details about the selected date/room type

Accommodation Details window allows you to perform the same actions as the Rate Manager but for a specific date/room type that is currently selected. It also provides additional information and functionality that is described below in more detail.

In the Accommodation Details window you may:

  1. Select a date in the future that you want to review
  2. Select a specific room type
  3. Review statistics for the selected date/room type (Availability, ADR, Rooms Sold)
  4. Update values for the selected date/room type (Rate, MinLOS, MaxLOS, CTA, CTD, Block)

The next section of the Accommodation Details window provides additional information and functionality.

Insights and Rules

Property tab

  • Shows Occupancy, Arrivals, Departures and Stayovers for the selected date/room type
  • Under Availability section you can see the Availability and Rates for all room types (accommodations) for the selected date

Comparison tab

This tab shows competitors' prices for the selected date. You can use the dropdown to show lowest or highest prices of the competition.

Rules and alerts tab

This tab shows all triggered rules for the selected date/room type, with a detailed description of the rule and the specific action. You can also approve or deny rules from this view.

Events tab

This tab shows all existing events for the selected date (if any).

You can exit out of the Accommodation Detail popup just by clicking outside of the window. All changes will be automatically saved.

You can also access Accommodation Details window while making rate changes in the Rate Manager. The data will be synchronized between the 2 windows and will transfer to the Rate Manager from the Accommodation Details if any changes are made there.

Rate Manager List view

List view of the Rate Manager makes it convenient for you to review and act on many rules at the same time.

In this view you may:

  1. Apply Filter to view the rules that match certain parameters (Date Range, Rule Type, Room Type, Rule State)
  2. After applying the filter, you will see the corresponding list of Rules/Alerts with multiple columns that provide more details (Alert/Rule Type, Name, Room Type that the alert/rule was triggered for, Date Triggered, Date Applied for, Price Change for occupancy rules, Status)
  3. The last column (Actions) allows you to approve/deny individual rules from this view.


You can also use Bulk Actions feature to approve/deny many rules at the same time.

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