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After you set the “rules” for Price Intelligence tool, The Rate Manager will appear as a tape chart, just like  Myfrontdesk calendar or availability matrix. It will list out all the room types, availability, base rate, rules triggered (if any), and events (if any).

1. Accessing Rate Manager

  1. Click PIE button
  2. Click 'Rate Manager

2. Rate Manager Overview

Rate Manager View: Calendar vs List views

You may select which view of rate manager to choose: it can be either displayed as tape-chart calendar or table 

Each view allows to check all rules triggered, and approve or deny them. For further information please check below.

Rate Manager Calendar view

The calendar view will display the following:


On the calendar you may also

  1. Refresh the data: if there were changes to inventory and new rules should be triggered, this button will appear with [!] sign
  2. Jump to any date in the future to see the rules triggered
  3. Check the rules triggered: yellow boxes will show the rule which needs to be approved or denied
  4. Rule applied: blue corner means there is a rule approved or denied for certain date

Clicking blue corner will open 'Accommodation detail' window:

Accommodation details

On the Accommodation details page you may:

  1. Select the date to check
  2. Change the room type to check
  3. See the current room type data such as availability, ADR (average daily rate) and # of room sold within room type
  4. Set rate, MinLos and MaxLos  for selected date
  5. Close to arrival/departure for selected date
  6. Block the whole room type
Insights and Rules

1) Property

  • shows accommodation occupancy for specific date, arrivals, departures and stayovers (if someone is still in-house and is not checking out).
  • You can also see a graph called 'Pace' which shows occupancy for specific period and room type in percentage.
  • Under 'Availability' section you can see comparison of room types rates and availability to other accommodations in property

2) Rules and alerts: shows the rules triggered for specific date and accommodation. If approved - you may deny it and vice versa.

3) Events: shows the events added for the date selected if any

Rate Manager Table view

List view is convenient to check many rules triggered at once for different range of time.

Here you may

  1. apply Filter to check the rules meeting given requirements
  2. Below you will see the list of Rules/Alert types
  3. The name of rule/alert
  4. Room type for which rule/alert has been applied
  5. Date when rule has been triggered
  6. Date for which rule has been applied for
  7. Price change according to rule created
  8. Status of rule (Denied, Applied, Pending, Resolved, Unresolved, Recomend to unmet)
  9. Actions to be done with rule: approve or deny


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