First Data e4 Global Gateway - Connection Guide

This guide will walk you through the process connecting First Data e4 Global gateway to your Cloudbeds PMS account. This gateway is only available in Canada and United States.

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Before connecting to First Data e4, you need an account, contact their Sales team. If you already have an account, continue with the next steps.

Obtain the gateway credentials

To connect First Data e4 to your Cloudbeds PMS, you will need the gateway credentials from First Data e4:

  • Gateway ID: Found in the administration terminal settings of your First Data e4 account.
  • Gateway Password: A specific password for your terminal, this is not your First Data login password.

Follow the steps to obtain the credentials:

  1. Log into your First Data e4 account.
  2. Under Tasks in the right hand menu, choose Terminals.
  3. Click on the desired Terminal.
  4. On the Details tab, scroll down to your Gateway ID.
  5. Scroll more to see the terminal's password - generate if needed.
Connect First Data E4 to Cloudbeds PMS

With the credentials in hand, enable the payment gateway inside Cloudbeds PMS. Follow the step-by-step here: Payment Processing Setup

If the First Data asks about the name of the software and manufacturer, you can inform: Tokenex

[Demo] Tessa Swier Hotel - Payment Options - Google Chrome


Error - Open Refunds are not enabled for this account

This happens when you attempt to process a refund directly on Cloudbeds PMS. The error message is provided by the gateway and it's linked to a configuration within your property's First Data account.

Reach out to your First Data Account Manager to review the available options you have for Refund settings:

  • Option 1: Disable Refund Authorization
  • Option 2: Allow First Data (Payeezy Gateway) to settle approved refund authorizations only. Rejected refund authorizations to be handled by the merchant.
  • Option 3: Allow First Data (Payeezy Gateway) to settle all refund authorizations regardless of the approved/declined/rejected status responses from the Card Issuers.
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