First Data e4 Global Gateway Connection Guide


To connect First Data e4 to your Cloudbeds account, you will need the following credentials from First Data e4:

  • Gateway ID: Found in the administration terminal settings of your First Data e4 account.
  • Gateway Password: A specific password for your terminal, this is not your First Data login password.

The required gateway credentials can be found by doing the following:

  • Log into your First Data e4 account
  • Under the "Tasks" in the right hand menu, choose "Terminals."
  • On the next screen, click on the Terminal you want
  • On the "Details" tab, scroll down to your Gateway ID.
  • Below that, the terminal's password can be viewed and/or generated


 In Cloudbeds:

  • Copy and then paste these details from your gateway into the matching fields on the "Payment Options" page
  • Click the blue "connect gateway" button
  • Switch from "test" to "live"
  • Click the blue "save" button in the bottom right corner.

If the First Data asks about this -- the name of the software and manufacturer is "Tokenex".

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