Stock & Inventory Report


The purpose of Stock & Inventory report is to show how many products have been sold in your property for a certain period of time.

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Access Stock & Inventory Report

  1. Click on Reports
  2. Select Stock & Inventory Report

What does Stock & Inventory Report include

  1. Category of the item/product
  2. Item/Product name
  3. Current Amount in Stock
    • Highlighted when lower than reorder quantity
  4. Quantity Pre-sold for each week (next 7 days) -> all pending transaction types scheduled to post on that date
    • If I have 5 beer transactions pending to post on the 3rd, the pre-sold quantity will be 5 and remaining quantity for that date range will be Current Stock - 5
    • Any time a pending transaction for that product type is added or voided for a date within that date range, the quantities should update accordingly
    • The pre-sold quantity for every 7 days should be clickable. Clicking the value will bring up a modal with additional information: Reservation ID,  Name, Arrival Date, Quantity

Numbers highlighted in red indicate that the quantity of items/products has reached the threshold you have set up under Reorder column in Items and Services tab.


Currently, we offer the ability to change pre-sold dates 

You may also sort information by ascending/descending orders by clicking on the sorting icon

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