Stock & Inventory Report


In this article, we will go through Stock & Inventory Report. The purpose of this report is to show how many products have been sold in your property for a certain period of time.

Accessing Stock & Inventory Report

1. Click on "Reports" tab

2. Select "Stock & Inventory Report"

What does Stock & Inventory Report include
  1. Category of the item/product
  2. Item/Product name
  3. Quantity in stock
  4. Quantity of sold items compared to the quantity in stock (in brackets)
  5. Weekly breakdown

Numbers highlighted in red indicate that the quantity of items/products has reached the threshold you have set up under "REORDER" column in "Items and Services" tab of your myfrontdesk account


Currently, we offer to select the pre-sold date of the report

You may also sort information by ascending/descending orders by clicking on the sorting icon

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