Stock & Inventory Report

The Stock & Inventory report shows you how many products have been pre-sold in your property. The report include the data for today and future dates only, you cannot see data in the past.

Click the following article to learn more about Stock Inventory.


  1. Click Menu.
  2. Click Reports.
  3. Select Stock & Inventory Report.
[Demo] Bali Jungle Resort -

View report

  1. Category of the item/product.
  2. Item/product name.
  3. Current amount in Stock.
    • Highlighted (in red) when lower than reorder quantity.
  4. Quantity Pre-sold for each week (next 7 days): All pending transaction types scheduled to post on the next 7 days. Click the calendar button to choose the start date — you can only select today and future dates only, no dates in the past.

Numbers highlighted in red indicate that the quantity of items/products has reached the threshold you have set up under Reorder column in Items and Services tab.

  1. Clicking the value will bring up a modal with additional information: Reservation ID, Guest Name, Arrival Date, Quantity of Items.
[Demo] Bali Jungle Resort - Stock & Inventory Report
  1. Click the sorting icon if you'd like to sort the information by ascending/descending orders.
[Demo] Bali Jungle Resort - Stock & Inventory Report

Email or export to PDF/Excel

Click the button to send the report via email or export to PDF/Excel.

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