How Can I Stop Receiving Payment Processing Emails?

If you have a payment processing enabled in your Cloudbeds PMS account, the property owner and users listed as the recipients will receive an email each time a payment is authorized, processed successfully, refunded successfully, or when an error occured while attempting any of these actions.

In case you want to stop receiving these emails please follow the steps below:

1. For Property Owner

With a new release you can decide who from your staff (which email addresses) will receive (or not receive) Payment Processing Emails. To configure this option, navigate to the System Notification Preferences. From there you would be able to edit recipients for this particular email type:

Emails can be sent to:

  • Staff (existing system users)
  • Any other email addresses

Association Users will also be in the staff list so their email preferences will be customizable. Association Owner isn’t in the list of staff members, so you will need to add them by their emails.

2. For Other Cloudbeds PMS Users

You may ask the Property Owner to remove your email address from the list of recipients of payment processing emails. You can also ask the Property Owner to give permission your user to manage the email recipients list. They must enable the permission System Email Permission inside the Roles. Check Property section inside Roles and Privileges

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