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Split Inventory - How to Combine One Physical Room and One Virtual Room and Sell It as a Whole Floor


Second floor consists of one standard room and two deluxe rooms. 2 deluxe rooms have already been added to form a suite. We will rather use a Suite than two Deluxe rooms.

In this situation, we will have one physical room and one virtual room.

  1. Go to Split Inventory
  2. Select Second Floor as a primary accommodation
  3. Connect Standard room 4 as a secondary accommodation
  4. Click +Add Accommodation Type
  5. Add SUITE as a secondary accommodation as well

This is how your Split Inventory connections should looks if you followed the scenario above:


  • If the Second floor is booked, both SUITE and Standard room become unavailable.
  • If Standard room or SUITE or just one of the Deluxe rooms, which belong to SUITE get reservation, the whole Second floor becomes unavailable.
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