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Split Inventory - How to Combine Physical Room Types of the Same Type into a Single Virtual Room Type


Split Inventory can combine physical room types of the same type into a single virtual room type which then can be mapped to other physical room types.

In this case, we wish to sell Suite room that is a combination of two connected Deluxe rooms:

Follow the steps below to create Suite room and connect it with two DELUXE rooms:

  1. Create a new virtual room type as a Suite
  2. Go to Split Inventory
  3. Link two Deluxe rooms and the new Suite room together so they become one connected unit. This will prevent access to sell the connected rooms based on particular occupancy levels.

Here is how it will look once linked:


  • When Suite receives a reservation, all Deluxe rooms will be blocked and removed from the available inventory.
  • When one of Deluxe rooms is booked Suite becomes unavailable as well.
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