Favorite Reports

On Cloudbeds Insights, you can add reports you use regularly as favorites. Locate and view reports and get useful insights quickly.

You can:

    • Favorite/unfavorite a report directly on a report.
    • Add up to 12 favorite reports (applies to both Stock Reports and Saved Reports).
    • Manage & rank your favorite reports.


By default, the property owner has access to Cloudbeds Insights. Other users must be granted permission inside Roles. Learn more: Roles and Permissions

  1. Click Menu Main menu.pngand go to Reporting Reporting icon.png
  2. Click Home Home blue icon.png

Manage favorite reports list
  1. On the Home page, scroll down to the Favorites section. Here, you will see all the reports that have been marked as "favorites."
  2. Click the pencil icon to remove a report from the list.

  1. Unselect the star sign to remove the report from your favorite report list.
  2. Click Save.
Mark a report as your favorite

Inside the report, click the star sign. A message will pop up and the report will be added to your favorite reports list.

You can only add 12 reports to your favorite list.

Unfavorite a report

Open the report and deselect the star sign. A message will pop up and the report will be removed from your favorite reports list.

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