Hostkit (former SIGA) - How to Connect

For any additional questions about connecting to Hostkit (former SIGA), please contact Hostkit (former SIGA) support team.

Step 1: Signup For A Hostkit (former SIGA) Account

To connect your Cloudbeds PMS account with Hostkit (former SIGA), you must have an account created. Go to Hostkit (former SIGA) website and choose Register at the top, or go to Hostkit (former SIGA) Registration direct page.

Fill in sign up details:

You will receive an email to activate your account by clicking on the indicated link. You will then be able to log in using your registered email address as username and the chosen password.

Step 2: Login to Hostkit (former SIGA)

Once you have a Hostkit (former SIGA) account, you can move on to connecting to Cloudbeds. Choose the Owner section and log in as indicated.

Step 3: Connect to Cloudbeds PMS and Import your Property
Connection Steps from Hostkit (former SIGA)

The view after login is your main dashbord with several menus:

  1. Click on the Properties  
  2. Then on the Import from Channel Manager
  1. Choose Cloudbeds on the next screen
  2. Click Import properties. You will be redirected to the Cloudbeds authentication window where permission information is displayed.
  1. If you are not yet logged in you will need to do so first. Hostkit (former SIGA) will require the permissions below.
    Click Allow Access and Hostkit (former SIGA) will configure the connection and import the property for you.
  1. By clicking on Properties again you will now see your property listed. Click anywhere on that line and complete configuration for your property.

If you will be using Hostkit (former SIGA) for invoicing, you will need to fill in the fields in the Invoicing section.

The following information needs to be filled in:

  • SEF ID: this is your invoice number normally
  • SEF order: this is typically "00" or the sequence number within the SEF registration
  • SEF code: your SEF password, typically 12 digits
Connection Steps from Cloudbeds PMS

Make sure you are logged in both: Hostkit (former SIGA) and Cloudbeds PMS.

  1. Account
  2. Access Apps & Marketplace
  3. Search for Hostkit (former SIGA)
  4. Learn More
  5. Connect App
  6. Then Approve the connection and Hostkit (former SIGA) will configure and import the property for you.
  1. Now you will see your property listed in Hostkit (former SIGA) when you click on Properties.
  2. Click anywhere on that line and complete the configuration for your property.
Step 4: Import Reservations

After the property has been fully configured you can start importing your reservations:

  1. Choose the Reservations tab
  2. Click Import from Channel Manager
  1. Once again choose the Cloudbeds tab
  2. Import selected properties. Hostkit (former SIGA) will then connect to Cloudbeds and download all the reservations that are active. Reservations Import can be configured to be automatic if Auto-import is selected.
Step 5: Confirm and Send Immigration Form

Once the reservations have been imported they will remain with Hostkit (former SIGA). However, you will probably be updating the guest data in Cloudbeds. Before submitting to the Immigration Services, you need to:

  1. Import the reservation again with the Update option activated, to make sure any recent data is downloaded one last time. Click on the desired reservation in the list and the reservation details will be shown.

The screen is divided into two sides. The left side, which contains reservation details and the right side, which contains the guest details. Confirm that they are correct and then:

  1. Click on Send to SEF at the bottom to initiate the process of sending to the Immigration Services.

You can also configure the automatic sending to the Immigration Services:

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