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Czech Registration of Sales (EET) - How to Generate and Access the Receipts


Access the reservation for which you want to issue the receipt:

  1. Access Actions drop-down menu on the top right
  2. Click on Generate EET Receipt

The pop-up for EET receipt will be displayed:

  1. Add your sales activities (Accommodations and/or Food & Beverage) by adding the description and the corresponding amount;
  2. Select if the transaction is a refund or not - you can use this option if you need to refund a partial or full amount;
  3. Click on Issue EET Receipt when you're ready.

Remember that the grand total should not be empty.

Poets' Corner Hostel - Reservations - Google Chrome

After clicking on Issue EET Receipt, the new document should be added under the Government Receipts list so you can download and also print the receipt if needed.

To find the receipts:

  1. Documents
  2. Government Receipts tab.
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