Tabology (BarTab) POS - How to Use It


When a user checks in to Cloudbeds, a tab is automatically created in BarTab with the name of the Cloudbeds customer as the tab name. 

Any items added to the tab will automatically be reflected in the Cloudbeds folio. It is also possible to post an item at a later time, as long as the guest is still in-house (checked-in)

These items can be printed on the invoice/folio in reservation (in Cloudbeds PMS) provided to the customer at check-out. 
Cloudbeds reporting will categorize items posted by Tabology in their own section so they can be filtered in Transactions report as well.

Once the user checks out of Cloudbeds, the tab will automatically close on the BarTab system. If the tab is closed by the bar it will be re-opened by BarTab as long as the user is still checked in. 

Void Items

Items need to be voided on BarTab's system. Once voided they will be automatically removed from the guest's folio. This can be done by clicking the item and selecting Void Item on Cloudbeds on the pop-up as shown below:

Current limitations:

  • Voids need to be handled directly in BarTab.
  • BarTab assumes that the bill/invoice is settled by Cloudbeds 
  • House account can't be synced with BarTab
  • BarTab isn't synced with Cloudbeds' Stock Inventory
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