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Whistle for Cloudbeds Release Notes - Single Sign On (SSO) September 2022


Single Sign On (SSO) is available now for Whistle for Cloudbeds to ensure a seamless login experience for everyone. With SSO release, you are able to login to both platforms through one single login. Check in this article how the Single Sign On works.

Before Single Sign On (SSO)

Without SSO, Whistle for Cloudbeds required separate login credentials, meaning that users needed to login to Cloudbeds PMS and Whistle for Cloudbeds separately, with potentially different passwords as well.

After Single Sign On (SSO) Release

From now on (with SSO), you can access your Whistle account from within Cloudbeds PMS main page without needing to login again by clicking on the Whistle icon as shown below.

  1. In Cloudbeds PMS taskbar, click on the Whistle for Cloudbeds icon
  1. Your user will be authenticated and directed to Whistle Dashboard.

If you have multiple property accounts, you will be directed to the property account you had open in Cloudbeds PMS. If you want to change the property in Whistle, switch the account in Cloudbeds PMS and click on the Whistle toggle.

How to Login to Whistle for Cloudbeds through Whistle Landing Page

If you head to the Whistle for Cloudbeds login page without already having an active Cloudbeds PMS session,

  1. Click to Continue with Cloudbeds
  2. Insert your Cloudbeds credentials to login

You will be redirected to Whistle for Cloudbeds main page and your Cloudbeds PMS session will be logged in as well.

If you log out from Cloudbeds PMS or Whistle, automatically your will be logged out from the other system.

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