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Distribution Currency - How to Set Up Currency for Channels (OTAs)


If your channel needs automatic currency conversion, you can set them up in the Currency page under Channel Distribution. Check in this article the details.

How to Set Up Currency for Channels

  1. Click on Manage (gear icon)
  2. Go to Currency under Channel Distribution
  3. Click on Distribution Currency tab
  4. Select the currency you have set up inside your channel extranet
  5. Click the Full Refresh button to send an update to your channels

The currency setting for each channel (inside the channel extranet) must match the currency setting inside Cloudbeds PMS.

Example: If your default currency is set to UGX (1), but your channel currency for Agoda is set to ANG, you must set your Agoda currency in Cloudbeds PMS to ANG (2). Please check the following example.

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