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Lightspeed (L-Series)- How to Set Up and Connect


Important Note: Lightspeed L by Cloudbeds will be replaced by Lightspeed L by Omniboost by November 1st. New customers interested in connecting Lightspeed L should refer to Lightspeed L by Omniboost guidelines as of October 10th.

How to Setup your Lightspeed Account

  1. Create an account with Lightspeed L POS and set up your bar/restaurant in the app. Make sure to create your inventory and set up your prices.
  2. Create a Payment Type called Add to Room as shown here:

You must have the same name of payments/credit cards in your Lightspeed settings and in Cloudbeds in order for them to match. If they are not the same, Cloudbeds will create a "duplicate" in the account.

How to Connect Lightspeed with Cloudbeds PMS

After you have successfully created your Lightspeed account, please follow these steps to connect with Cloudbeds PMS:

  1. Account
  2. Apps & Marketplace
  3. Search for Lightspeed L POS

6.  Log in with your Lightspeed Account credentials

7. Click on Allow

7. Cloudbeds and Lightspeed are now successfully connected!

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