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Cash Drawer - How to Create and Manage


In this article you can find the details about the Cash Drawer feature and how to use it by multiple users.

How to Create a Cash Drawer

  1. Click on the crash drawer icon in the top right corner on your dashboard
  2. Select Create/Modify Cash Drawers
  1. Click on + Cash Drawer
  2. Add the drawer name
  3. Add the Starting balance - the amount of cash in the cash drawer at the beginning of the shift
  4. Click on Save Cash Drawer

How to Access and Manage your Open Drawers

Once you open a cash drawer, you can have more control of your cash transactions.

In order to manage and check the cash transactions:

  1. Select Access Open Drawers

On this page, you can:

  1. Select the desired cash drawer
  2. Check the summary for the selected drawer
  1. Filter transactions by account#, Reservation#, Room#, and name. You can also group them by date, room, guest name, and reservation #
  2. Add or remove cash - once you chose from either of these two options, you will be able to add the cash amount that you are adding or withdrawing and also leave a note to this action. It will not be connected to any reservation
  3. You can check the cash drawer transactions and their total

If you are using the Multi-Currency feature, you will be able add or remove cash in foreign currencies. Click on the following article to learn more: Multi-Currency - How does it work with Cash Drawer?

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