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Add-Ons - Frequently Asked Questions


Here you will find a few common questions with the solutions to them.

How add-on purchases get processed on Cloudbeds?

Add-ons are not charged in the initial deposit unless it's already included in Rate Plans & Packages.
Deposits apply to the value of the reservation excluding any separate add-ons purchased after making the room reservation. 

When the guest books/purchases an add-on, you will receive 2 separate emails from Cloudbeds

  1. Reservation summary email without the add-on purchase:
Reservation CONFIRMED - test test - Reservation #858016743097 - - Digital Arbitrage Inc. Mail - Google Chrome
  1. Reservation summary email with the add-on purchase:

The add-on will be added to the guest folio depending on which option you chose "when the transaction should be posted:

  • immediately when receiving the reservation OR
  • when checking-in the reservation.
How to check how many add-on orders you have?

To check how many add-on orders you have during a specific date range, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the Transactions report
  1. Click on the filter drop-down Description
  2. Select the desired add-on only and leave the rest unselected

Below is how the result will look:

Where can I find the add-ons in the booking engine?

The add-on list will be available only when the reservation is complete, right after the confirmation screen. At the moment, the add-ons cannot be selected prior to the guest completing and paying for the reservation.

Confirmation - DEMO - Karina's Hostel - Google Chrome
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